Airobotics unveils first security and inspection payload developed in-house

Airobotics, the Israeli automated drone startup headquartered in Scottsdale, unveiled a new drone-stabilized payload for inspection and security applications at the ADS Inc. 2019 Warrior Expo East in San Diego, California, last week.

The payload, called Trion, is the company’s first in-house developed and manufactured sensor for the drone market and is available both with and without the automated drone hardware and data insights platform from Airobotics.

The high-definition, Electro-Optical and InfraRed gyro-stabilized payload is small, weighing less than 1.2 kilograms.

“Trion pushes the limits on existing and competing capabilities of stabilized payloads available today,” according to Airobotics.

The payload is designed for superior performance and has a unique set of capabilities with regard to object identification, real-time tracking and comprehensive data harvesting.

“We are pleased to offer Airobotics’ powerful and highly-stabilized Trion payload to the broader market that will grant professionals with the ability to capture more accurate data for fast decision-making in the most demanding circumstances,” said Ran Krauss, CEO and co-founder of Airobotics.

Trion provides day-and-night observation, surveillance and targeting capabilities at long ranges and in adverse conditions, according to Airobotics. It has a high-resolution HD day camera with continuous optical zoom and continuous 360-degree panoramic capabilities.

The payload is also integrated with the Airobotics data insights platform, and additional features include the ability to tag and track security incidents, which allows real-time insights to lead to informed decision-making.

Because Trion can be integrated with the Airobotics automated drone platform as well as other unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), vehicles, platforms and ground applications, the payload has a variety of applications in data collection, detection and analysis, offering valuable insights.

“At ADS, we actively seek out innovative, quality and cost-effective solutions for our customers,” said Ryan Angold, vice president of markets at ADS Inc. “Additionally, we believe that our partnership with Airobotics will greatly enhance the customer experience and provide a market-leading solution for critical security and inspection applications.”

“We look forward to having ADS as a strategic partner and are confident in the results we can achieve,” Krauss said.

Airobotics opened its Scottsdale headquarters in 2018 to be the hub for its global operations, and the company has since achieved a number of firsts in the unmanned aircraft industry.

Graham Bosch

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  • Dear Graham, I have been hearing about Airobotics and its security and inspection application developed but never got to read on the details until I came across your article. Thank you for sharing such valuable information and what Airobotics and its role in the ADS. This drone-based payload seems to be not just an investment but a true invention.

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