Maricopa Community Colleges creates significant economic impact

Maricopa Community College District (MCCCD) created a significant economic impact in fiscal year 2016-17 by adding $7.2 billion in income and 96,209 jobs to the Maricopa County economy, according to an Economic Modeling Specialist International (EMSI) report.

MCCCD’s total impact included the district’s operations spending, student spending and alumni impact.

One out of every 27 jobs in Maricopa County is supported by the activities of the Colleges and their students,” the report said. “The value of MCCCD influences both the lives of its students and the county economy.”

According to the report, MCCCD’s total payroll was $499.4 million with 10,826 full-time and part-time employees, 95 percent of whom lived in Maricopa County and the district’s day-to-day operations spending added $570.5 million to the county economy.

94 percent of the district’s students are from Maricopa County. The district’s students generated $332 million and supported 4,172 jobs in the county. 88 percent of MCCCD graduates remain and are employed in Maricopa County. Alumni generated $6.3 billion and supported 79,851 jobs, according to the report.

“While our overall economic impact outlined in this study is impressive, the Maricopa Community Colleges continue to be a critical cornerstone in growing Arizona’s economy through our partnerships and career opportunities that align to industry needs and create new ways to understand and improve our ability to be nimble and responsive to employers,” MCCCD Chancellor Dr. Maria Harper-Marinick said.

Some of the partnerships MCCCD has introduced over the recent months include the first-ever coding, cloud and networking certification and degree at Maricopa IT Institute at Mesa Community College; Scottsdale Community College’s state-of-the-art expanded computer networking lab to train students in cloud computing and virtualizations; a partnership with the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Foundation to establish incumbent worker upskilling certifications; and Glendale Community College’s participation in the National Cyber League competition.

“We are proud of the progress we have made in the past year to deliver on our promise of high quality, affordable education for almost 200,000 students at MCCCD – and there is more to come,” Harper-Marinick said. “The success of our students is reflected in the health and economic vitality of our community, and sustained success in the future requires a long-term commitment to innovation.”

The report from EMSI also found that graduating from a Maricopa Community College raises students’ lifetime earnings. MCCCD students will receive $3.4 billion in higher future earning throughout their working lives.

Students who earned an associate degree in FY 2016-17 will see an increase in earnings of $9,700 each year compared to a person with only a high school diploma working in Arizona,” stated the report. “Over a lifetime, the benefits of the associate degree will amount to a value of $398 thousand in higher earnings per graduate.

The report also examined the school’s success from a student, social and taxpayer perspective. To read the full report, click here.

Emily Richardson

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