New poll shows voters overwhelmingly reject government attempt to overregulate business

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry today released results of a new survey highlighting a majority of Arizona voters are opposed to efforts by the state Legislature that would open the door for government regulation of private businesses.

The poll, which was conducted by Cygnal from February 27 – 28, 2024 using a sample size of 600 registered voters in Arizona with a margin of error of +/-3.96 percent, found that 60 percent of voters believe the state Legislature should not interfere with private business practices.

Currently, legislation is under consideration in the state Legislature – SCR1007 – that would prohibit the state government from contracting with companies that are perceived as discriminating against firearm entities. This misguided policy, if implemented, has the potential to undermine the ability of local and county governments to fulfill essential functions and obligations to taxpayers, ultimately affecting education, infrastructure, and overall community development.

Key Findings

  • Voters are more opposed (40 percent) than supportive (21 percent) of legislation that would prohibit Arizona public entities from contracting with companies that are perceived as not engaging with certain oil and gas companies, gun manufacturers and retailers, or other such employers.
  • 44 percent of voters would be less likely to vote for a legislator who supports legislation to prohibit the state from contracting with companies that are perceived as not engaging with certain companies. Only 19 percent would be more likely.
  • Voters overwhelmingly agree (60 percent) that the state Legislature should stay out of legislating what businesses can and can’t do and how they choose to run their business.

“This poll demonstrates that Arizona voters value a business environment where businesses can operate in a free market,” said Danny Seiden, president & CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry. “If passed, this bill will give power to the government to pick winners and losers, resulting in additional red tape for private businesses and sticking taxpayers with the bill. We urge state lawmakers to reject SCR1007 and the politicization of private businesses.”

Businesses have a responsibility to manage risk, and blocking companies from doing so causes undue burdens on employees, stakeholders, and the local communities these businesses serve. Similar anti-competitive policies have become law in other states, including in Texas where it is estimated that cities will pay an additional $303 million to $532 million in interest on $32 billion in bonds. By passing SCR1007, politicians will only exacerbate the rising costs of government goods and services that contribute to Arizonans’ financial burden.

“Arizona’s pro-business reputation has been cultivated in part by assuring job creators that our policymaking environment is predictable and stable, and that our laws and regulations are intended to encourage job growth, not stifle it,” Seiden said in a recent op-ed on the issue in the Arizona Republic.

Survey results can be accessed here.

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