How defense firms with a major presence in Arizona are helping Israel 

As threats of missile attacks persist, Israel is employing cutting-edge technology and sophisticated equipment for its defense. Among these are technologies developed by defense firms operating in Arizona, highlighting the state’s pivotal defense industry. 


The Arrow system stands out as a premier air defense mechanism against long-range ballistic threats. This high-altitude system is engineered to intercept ballistic missiles outside the Earth’s atmosphere. The Arrow operates through a kinetic kill vehicle, which destroys incoming missiles upon direct contact, thus neutralizing any threat before it can reach its intended target. 

The Arrow system is a joint effort between Israel Aerospace Industries and Boeing. The latter, with operations in Arizona, specifically contributes to the production of the Arrow’s interceptors. Boeing’s expertise in aerospace technologies enhances the efficacy of the Arrow system, providing a significant defense against missile attacks. 


Aside from its involvement in the Arrow system, Boeing has a notable presence in supplying equipment to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Boeing’s Arizona operations are integral in supplying platforms like the AH-64 Apache helicopter to Israel. 

With Boeing’s manufacturing and innovation hubs located in Arizona, the state serves as a vital nexus in the production of these defense systems. 

David’s Sling 

David’s Sling was developed jointly by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, an Israeli firm, and Raytheon Technologies, an American company. This form of defense is designed to intercept enemy missiles and rockets, particularly those targeting mid- to long-range. 

Unlike the Arrow, David’s Sling deals with threats such as tactical ballistic missiles, medium- to long-range rockets, and cruise missiles. 

Raytheon has a big presence in Arizona, particularly in Tucson where it’s the city’s largest private employer and where advanced missile systems are designed and manufactured. This presence boosts local economies and plays a critical role in the development of defense technologies that are important on a global scale. 

Some other advanced technologies developed in Arizona used by Israel include night vision equipment from Litton Systems and micro-processing products from White Microelectronics. 

These partnerships are facilitated by Arizona’s strategic initiatives, such as the trade office opened in Israel in 2019 and are bolstered by funding from collaborations like the Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation (BIRD). These partnerships enhance military and defense capabilities, while also stimulating economic growth by creating jobs and fostering technological advancements in both regions.

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