Business organizations tap legislative candidates for endorsements

Organizations representing the Arizona business community have begun to announce their endorsements for the state Legislature ahead of the August 2 primary election.

The Arizona Association of Realtors, the Greater Phoenix Chamber and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry all released their legislative endorsements this week.

“Each election cycle, the Arizona Chamber works hard to identify those candidates who we believe will be strong champions for pro-growth policies that support job creation and who will advance our state’s competitive position in a global economy,” Arizona Chamber President and CEO Danny Seiden said. “This year is no different, and we’re proud to support a bipartisan slate of incumbents and challengers who most align with the priorities and principles of Arizona’s business community.”

The Arizona Chamber endorsed incumbents based on their voting record on business issues, while new candidates complete a questionnaire and interview with the Political Affairs Committee. The board of directors makes the final endorsement decision.

The Greater Phoenix Chamber Political Action Committee announced its endorsement of 38 legislative candidates.

“For over 40 years, the Greater Phoenix Chamber Political Action Committee has supported pro-business candidates for state and local offices regardless of political party affiliation,” Chamber PAC Chair John Moody said.  “As the political climate becomes more divisive, having business-friendly lawmakers willing to collaborate to advance policies that will support a prosperous economy in the Greater Phoenix region and throughout the state of Arizona is more important than ever.”

The Arizona Realtors, which represents more than 57,000 real estate professionals in the state, endorsed candidates who the organization believes will advance issues of interest to the real estate community, homebuyers, sellers, and property owners.

“These candidates exemplify a dedication to the protection of private property rights, balanced regulation, strong communities, and policies that support homeownership and housing for all Arizonans.” Arizona Realtors Government Affairs Director Matt Contorelli said.

Incumbents and challengers are touting their endorsements as a way of differentiating themselves from their opponents.

“I’m blessed to be supported by so many organizations working to make Arizona the best state in the nation. Thank you Arizona Chamber for your endorsement!” Rep. Joanne Osborne, R-Goodyear, said. Osborne is seeking a seat in the state Senate. “As a small business owner, I am proud to be a voice for the business community.”

New candidate Matt Gress, R-Phoenix, who is running for the House, was the only candidate in the new District 4 to earn an endorsement from the Greater Phoenix Chamber and Arizona Chamber.

“You’ll never hear ‘you didn’t build that’ from me,” Gress said. “At a time when the Left is attacking free enterprise and driving up the cost of living, I am honored to be the only candidate in this race endorsed by our job creators, large and small.

Robert Clarke

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