Univ. of Phoenix and MCCCD offer new cost-effective path for degrees in in-demand fields

The University of Phoenix and the Maricopa Community Colleges announced a new agreement that will allow students to more easily transfer their college credits to the university to earn a bachelor’s degree in management, health management, nursing and information technology.

Called the 3+1 transfer program, it will allow students to earn an associate’s and bachelor’s degree by spending three years at a local community college instead of the traditional two, and to finish their final year at University of Phoenix to secure a bachelor’s of science degree. 

All 10 community colleges in the district are offering the transfer program, said Rose Rojas, director of transfer for the district, in announcing the agreement last week.  

“Students like the idea that they can stay at the community college to complete three-fourths of their bachelor’s degree,” Rojas said. 

High-demand skills for corporate America

A goal of the program is to address the skills-gap for workers in health care and management, said University of Phoenix Provost John Woods. 

“Preparing students for fulfilling careers is a mission both institutions share, and this pathway means students save money while still completing their bachelor’s in four years,” Woods said. 

Eligible students will only have to complete 11 classes to finish their bachelor’s degree at the university, he said. They can graduate in as little as 14 months when transferring credits from one of the district’s colleges. 

Generally, approximately 60 credits from a community college are eligible to be transferred toward a bachelor’s degree. Often, students can end up losing credits during the transfer process, which equates to a loss of time and money. This agreement should help eliminate much of that, school officials said. 

Under the new agreement, students will be able to transfer 87 eligible community college credits toward bachelor’s degree programs in Management, Health Management or Information Technology, as well as a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing for RNs.

The new 3+1 option will become available starting in the fall of 2021.

First university course is free 

To further aid students, the university is waiving all fees and tuition for the first course and will provide a special Associate Degree Transfer tuition rate for all remaining courses, saving students $144.00 per course. University courses are conducted in five-week increments.

“University of Phoenix’s goal is to make it easier for community college students to complete their degree and get out into the workforce. We’re really looking to get people from Point A to Point B in their education,” said Kellie Stubblefield, UOPX director of community college strategy managers.

For more information about the new transfer program, to: www.phoenix.edu/ccstudent

Victoria Harker

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