Honeywell, JAG partner to show students different career paths

Honeywell Aerospace will be visiting Arizona classrooms to teach students about jobs in the engineering and manufacturing industries.

“We want to get people excited about the aerospace industry and prepared for jobs in the future,” Joshua Pascoe, Honeywell Aerospace vice president of talent acquisition, inclusion and diversity, said. “Classroom visits will allow students the opportunity to hear firsthand what it’s like to work in the fields of manufacturing or engineering and what it takes to have a career in these areas.”

According to Pascoe, it’s important for students to understand what is needed from certain jobs so they can be prepared after graduation. 

“I think it’s very important that young people are informed before graduation about what the opportunities are, the career opportunities out there are for them so that they can choose the career track that they want upon graduation,” Nicole Porter, economic development communication manager for Jobs for Arizona’s Graduates (JAG), said. 

Honeywell recently partnered with JAG, a nonprofit that connects students with the business community, to create opportunities for students to learn about jobs within the company.

“Our goal is to inspire and excite students about the possibility of a career in manufacturing or engineering.  We want to show students there are various paths to success in these careers by introducing them to a diverse group of leaders and employees who have different backgrounds and experiences,” Pascoe said.

JAG works with students from sixth grade up to 21-year-old graduates through two community centers and coordinators in more than 20 schools across Arizona.

According to the nonprofit, 99 percent of JAG high school seniors in the 2017-2018 school year graduated from high school.

“JAG is providing our Arizona youth with invaluable skills and opportunities for the future. We’ve truly enjoyed our partnership with JAG and are looking forward to another exciting year,” Pascoe said. “Our hope is that our partnership with JAG will help spark interest in STEM and related career opportunities.”

Honeywell also plans on providing students with site tours to see what its employees do firsthand.

“It doesn’t fully come circle until they are there on-site in the facilities really seeing it, smelling it, hearing it, touching it and having the opportunity to talk with the different departments within an organization to learn what it is that they do. That really helps the students see specifically where they want to go,” Porter said.

“This learning experience gives students a general idea of what Manufacturing and Engineering career fields are available and highlights different paths to success,” Pascoe said.

For more information about JAG, click here.

Emily Richardson

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