Cox launches new products, increases internet speeds for Arizona customers

Cox Communications last week announced newly-available product offerings and service upgrades, including increased internet speeds for all customers.

“The flight of new products and features will make the biggest splash in Arizona, which is Cox’s largest market,” said Susan Anable, vice president of public affairs for Cox. “This gives us the opportunity to closely monitor customers’ feedback and pain points and ensure we are offering the best possible user experience.”

New products include a Panoramic WiFi app offering device control capabilities, Panoramic WiFi Pods that can be added to eliminate WiFi dead zones and the Contour Stream Player, a set-top device that compiles video streaming services.

Cox said its Panoramic WiFi service, which works in conjunction with the Panoramic WiFi mobile app, is the “most advanced Wi-Fi experience.”

“The app gives customers greater control of their home WiFi network,” Anable said.

Users will be able to pause and restore internet for certain devices, schedule “bedtime modes” to pause internet access for the night and set parental controls and protected browsing, she said.

“Our goal was to bring families closer together,” she said. “With so many devices in the home, giving parents the ability to pause internet access during intimate moments like dinner and family time is really important to us.”

Cox considers its Contour Stream Player to be its most innovative technological advancement yet, giving customers access to popular streaming sources — including Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube — all from one place.

“Our customers want more choices when it comes to content viewing, so we’ve launched an innovative solution that will let them buy only the content they want, with fewer wires, rules and hassle,” Anable said. “As more and more customers are utilizing streaming services, we saw the need to simplify and put all of the streaming apps in one location for ease of use, eliminating the need to switch inputs and apps.”

The Panoramic WiFi Pods can be added to an existing WiFi network to create a “network that blankets the entire home,” according to Cox.

“Customers can now extend their WiFi signal to all nooks and corners of the home, eliminating dead spots and providing whole-home WiFi coverage,” Anable said. “The pods plug directly into any electrical outlet and are easily activated with the Panoramic WiFi app.”

Both the streaming device and the WiFi pods were developed in response to customers’ needs, she said. Additionally, increased internet speeds are automatic and free of charge.

“Cox has increased internet speeds for 14 straight years, and this year’s increase is seen across all internet packages,” Anable said. “Customers can reboot their modem to experience the increased speeds. Customers with the Ultimate package will see the increase by October, while customers with the Premier or Preferred package will see the increase now.”

Cox said it is investing $10 billion in the next five years to enhance the customer experience.

Photo courtesy of Cox

Graham Bosch

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