New Republican leadership at the Legislature

Republicans maintained control of both the Arizona House of Representatives and Senate in Tuesday’s election and with the new batch of legislators comes a need for assigning new leadership positions.

Speaker of the House:

Rusty Bowers (R-LD 25) from Mesa has been chosen by state Republicans to be the new Speaker of the House. Bowers will be replacing former Speaker J.D. Mesnard (R-LD 17), who was elected to the Arizona Senate.

Bowers’ top three issues are jobs and the economy, education, and public safety. He is pro-reducing unnecessary government regulation and spending; teaching children the importance of hard work, self-reliance, and individual responsibility; and a strong supporter of law enforcement.

“Being entrusted by my colleagues to serve as Speaker of the House is a responsibility that I don’t take lightly,” said Speaker-elect Bowers in a statement. “It’s a privilege that I aim to carry out with honesty, civility, hard work, and enthusiasm. While the state has many challenges to confront over the next couple of years, I’m optimistic about the ability of the House to address them and keep Arizona on the right track.”

House Majority Leader:

Warren Petersen (R-LD 12) from Gilbert will be the House’s new Majority Leader replacing Rep. John Allen (R-LD 15).

Petersen has previously been the Commerce Chair, working to create an environment in the state that attracts job growth. According to his website he has worked to pass legislation that helps protect small business in Arizona. He also is pro-life, anti-sanctuary cities, and pro-Second Amendment.

House Majority Whip:

Becky Nutt (R-LD 14) from Clifton will be the House’s new Majority Whip replacing Kelly Townsend (R-LD 16).

Nutt has run on the issues of jobs and the economy; Second Amendment rights; being pro-life; securing Arizona’s border; improving education; protecting taxpayers; and supporting our military. According to her website she knows the “value of free enterprise and hard work”, is an NRA member, and opposed to Common Core.  

Senate President:

Karen Fann (R-LD 1) will be replacing Steve Yarbrough (R-LD 17), who retired this year, as President of the Senate. She will be the second woman to ever hold the position.

Fann is a fiscal conservative who is focused on keeping Arizona’s state budget balanced, helping create a business-friendly environment, and opposing tax increases on Arizona citizens. She is working to make health care available to Arizonans while also allowing them to choose their own health care professionals. She wants to work towards securing the border to help prevent drug smuggling, human trafficking and terrorism. She is also working to improve education funding, the water crisis and public safety.

Fann told Chamber Business News that she is “honored and will work really hard to represent our Senate Chamber and the members.”

Senate Majority Leader:

Rick Gray (R-LD 21) was chosen to replace Arizona Treasurer-elect Kimberly Yee (R-LD 20) as the Senate Majority leader.

Gray is a fiscal conservative who is keen on “not spending more than what you bring in.” He plans on continuing to help eliminate waste and keep the state’s budget balanced. He “supports life, marriage and family, and religious freedom.” According to his website, his top issues are promoting job growth, protecting education, and maintaining individual rights.

Senate Majority Whip:

Sonny Borrelli (R-LD 5) will be replacing Gail Griffin (R-LD 14) as the Senate Majority Whip.

Borrelli is a “dedicated conservative Republican” who advocates for veterans and is pro-Second Amendment. He is focused on protecting individual rights, preventing cities and town from adopting unnecessary mandates and taxes, reducing state spending, creating new jobs and reducing over regulation of businesses.

The Arizona Democrats will meet Thursday Nov. 8 to divvy up their minority leadership spots.

Emily Richardson

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