Consumer Cellular generates new employment in Phoenix

Consumer Cellular, a no-contract cell phone provider, recently opened a new call center in Phoenix, AZ, opening up doors for over a thousand new job opportunities.

The privately-owned wireless provider has ranked at the top of J.D. Power’s U.S. Wireless Customer Care Performance Study for the past two years, which almost certainly stems from their emphasis on customer service. Indeed, this most recent call center would be their third addition in Arizona, following the 2010 and 2014 openings of their Tempe call centers.

CEO John Marick and COO Greg Pryor told CBN on Monday, “We’re focused on customer support and try to differentiate ourselves in the market with that.”

The emphasis is working for Consumer Cellular, and Arizona job-hunters are reaping the benefits. Further, the first two call centers employ 1,025 workers, and the newest development is expected to bring in 1,200 more employees over the next three years – including 500 in 2018.

The office will replace an abandoned Sam’s Club location near the I-17 and Bell Road. Because of the sheer size of the previous warehouse-style grocery store, Consumer Cellular will be able to make room for hundreds of callers, managers, and executives.

Additionally, although the company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, they have found a new home in Arizona. When asked why they chose Phoenix for their third location, Marick and Pryor asserted, “Because of our Tempe offices, we already had some tenured employees to step up in those management roles. You look down the road and you can certainly make the argument that those will still apply.”

They explain that because of the massive annual growth of Phoenix and its population, it is an ideal hub for finding young, new talent to work at their call centers. Over time, those employees position themselves for managerial or even executive roles as they learn the ins-and-outs of the company.

Marick and Pryor didn’t have a definitive answer on when they might establish a new office in Phoenix, but they said they usually prefer a four-year growth rate. They add, “Phoenix has been a wonderful place to do business with a great employee pool.”

Consumer Cellular has generated almost 2,000 jobs in Arizona through call centers, and if the trend continues, they will add even more in 2022. As the wireless provider continues to grow, Arizona job-seekers can optimistically anticipate more employment opportunities down the road.

Ben Norman

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