BlokForge to bring cryptocurrency mining hardware to Mesa

Latest in the list of companies joining Arizona’s budding tech scene: BlokForge. BlokForge, a leading supplier of cryptocurrency mining hardware, has chosen Mesa to be the home of its U.S. based retail location. This physical store, moving into Mesa’s old Sunkist building, is the first of its kind in the U.S. It will carry over 20 product variations from the largest brands in cryptocurrency mining.

The store will rehabilitate the old Mesa building, contributing to the innovative culture bringing more and more startups to the downtown area.

“Repurposing a building that served this community for nearly 100 years just made sense,” said Nick J., Founder of BlokForge.

The Mesa warehouse will be fully stocked, allowing for the most efficient order fulfillment. Along with sales, repair services and consulting, the location will also expand its capabilities to host industry classes by the end of the year.

The U.S. based company got its start as an import-export company, with experience sourcing hardware from overseas manufacturers. BlokForge’s physical U.S. presence is a huge asset to domestic consumers, protecting them from having to deal with a foreign intermediary, and the customs, paperwork and confusion that often come with it.

While many of BlokForge’s competitors sell their products online, none of them have a physical space. This makes BlokForge accessible and able to fulfill orders ranging from one machine to 10,000, serving home miners and large-scale mining operations alike.

“Our company feels bitcoin and blockchain technology are the future,” said Nick, and the Arizona state Senate agrees. This most recent legislative session saw the passage of a bill by Representative Jeff Weninger which allows residents to pay taxes using cryptocurrencies. It is this type of legislation, which Weninger has championed many times before, that makes Arizona the most attractive place for innovators in technology and other young industries to do business.

Ava Montoya

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