Governors Ducey and Pavlovich showcase special partnership at Arizona Lodging & Tourism Unity Dinner

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Governor of Sonora Claudia Pavlovich were recognized for their teamwork that has led to wins in economic development, public safety and tourism for both states at the Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association’s annual Unity Dinner.

The two took the stage for a discussion, moderated by Arizona Chamber of Commerce CEO Glenn Hamer, to showcase their model relationship, and the alliance between their two states.

Pavlovich called it an honor to have such a strong partnership with Governor Ducey, and highlighted how crucial these types of relationships are in preserving important agreements, namely NAFTA, which supports jobs essential to preserving quality of life for her people in Sonora.

“If things go well for Arizona, things go well for Sonora,” Pavlovich said.

The established relationship between the two governors and states has led to positive developments across border lines, such as the safety corridor and increased border crossings to aide along tourism and trade. Governor Pavlovich emphasized that because of their border transcending relationship, both states are poised to continue down the path of prosperity and progress.

While the discussion highlighted the fruits that have already come of this relationship, it focused on the future and what to expect from this partnership, a partnership that, according to Governor Ducey, has momentum that simply cannot be stopped. Moving forward, the states will continue to explore ways to bolster free trade and increase cross-border relationships. Both governors hope that their relationship is not one of a kind, and that eventually they will serve, on a grander scale, as a model for relations between the two countries.

“There’s so much of a foundation now that we can build on because this trust has been developed…So many of the wins and successes that we’ve had are because of the relationship we have with Mexico,” said Governor Ducey.



The two distinct regions have been able to share with each other their assets, from skiing in Flagstaff to vacationing safely in Puerto Peñasco. Both leaders have big plans to encourage even more trade and tourism, industries which inevitably bring with them economic development and job growth. The two distinct states, with their unique resources and needs, have behaved as one special region that is undoubtedly a safer, more promising place to live and visit thanks to the work of the two governors.

While Pavlovich and Ducey refer to each other as more than neighbors, as true friends and partners, they intend for the relationship that they have cultivated to far outlive just their administrations.

The event also recognized standouts in the tourism industry, ranging from state lawmakers to members of the community working to show Arizona as the world-class destination that it is.

The tourism industry in Arizona is one that directly influences the vitality of the state, championing education and workforce development and providing stable jobs with growth opportunities to the Arizonans who need them most. The tourism industry, coupled with Governor Ducey’s tireless efforts to amplify Arizona’s brand, ensure that the young state continues to make its mark nationally and internationally.

Ava Montoya

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