Arizona’s utilities keep us cool and competitive

As Arizona braces for another potentially record-breaking summer, we’re not just staying cool—we’re thriving.

Not every state can make that claim when the temperatures spike. Reliability is a real concern in states like California, Texas, and Colorado.

So, what’s the secret to our success, while other states struggle?

Arizona’s robust power grid is a model of reliability that sets the national standard thanks to our utilities that have planned and prepared for even the most extreme conditions.

Our utility partners – electric and gas – are driving economic growth with traditional and renewable sources, and even nuclear energy by delivering the dependability that both Arizona businesses and families count on.

The contrast between Arizona and our neighbors could not be starker.

In Denver recently, power was actually turned off to more than 50,000 customers for an entire weekend because the state and its infrastructure were not prepared for high winds. The decision is now the subject of a state inquiry.

Meanwhile, Texas grapples with grid failures amid severe weather – experiencing whopping 210 outages from 2000 to 2023.

But here, thanks to strategic decisions by utility providers like APS, SRP, TEP, and Southwest Gas, and the steady performance of the Palo Verde Generating Station, our ability to meet business and residential demand has remained stable through a combination of renewable and baseload resources.

The result? Only six severe weather outages in Arizona from 2000 to 2023.

Even through last summer’s blistering heatwave, with air conditioners on full blast and electricity demand through the roof, Arizona didn’t buckle under the pressure—no major power outages on our watch.

This is the result of thoughtful planning and a commitment to resilience that keeps our state powered up when it counts, making Arizona a magnet for businesses and folks seeking a dependable power supply.

The Palo Verde Generating Station and the utilities driving Arizona’s energy resilience have done more than just supply energy. They’ve led the charge in seamlessly integrating renewable resources like solar, wind, and hydrogen with traditional power without compromising grid reliability.

Their blend of renewable and conventional energy solutions demonstrates a strategic foresight that protects Arizona from the energy missteps that disrupt other regions such as Texas, where grid operators are struggling to manage power outages.

With the continued growth of Arizona, our energy demand is expected to surge by 40% over the next seven years. And it means that our grid needs to double in size  in the next 15 years to keep up with our current output.

Our utilities are working overtime to guarantee that our state remains a powerhouse of industry and innovation with a power grid that is as dependable as it is strong.

Arizona’s energy future is bright

Reliable power ensures that businesses run smoothly, and residents don’t sweat the summer heat knowing their air conditioners will run. According to the nonpartisan Common Sense Institute, our approach to grid management is setting a national standard and giving other states a blueprint to follow.

By investing in a robust and visionary energy infrastructure, Arizona is driving economic growth and establishing ourselves as leaders in energy management and generation.

Danny Seiden president and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

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