Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopter wins inaugural Arizona Manufacturers Council’s “Hottest Thing Made in Arizona” Award

The Boeing AH-64 Apache Helicopter was crowned the inaugural “Hottest Thing Made in Arizona” at a special reception last week hosted by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Arizona Manufacturers Council. Gov. Katie Hobbs was on hand to make the announcement and congratulate the winner and other finalists.

The competition was part of Manufacturing Month, the October-long celebration of Arizona’s thriving manufacturing sector. The contest, which garnered thousands of online votes, highlighted and acknowledged the remarkable contributions of the state’s manufacturing industry, which employs more than 630,000 people and injects more than $77 billion into the Arizona economy annually.

The backdrop for this exciting event was the Made in Arizona Tour, a two-day tour that granted attendees an exclusive glimpse into the inner workings of some of the state’s most prominent manufacturers. The tour showcased the innovation and industry of various companies, including Swire Coca-Cola, Viavi Solutions, NXP Semiconductors, Boeing, and Nammo Defense Systems, all of which play a pivotal role in elevating Arizona’s manufacturing sector.

The three contest finalists encompassed a wide array of industries, reflecting the diversity of the state’s manufacturing environment. They were:

  • Lucid Air Sapphire – Representing the burgeoning electric vehicle sector, Lucid’s creations give a glimpse of the future of automobile manufacturing where luxury craftsmanship combines with a light carbon footprint.
  • Boeing AH-64 Apache Helicopter – An enduring emblem of the aerospace and defense industry, the Apache makes the world a safer place.
  • PING G430 Max Driver – The go-to choice for professionals and weekend duffers alike, PING showcases Arizona’s contribution to the world of custom sports equipment.

“Congratulations to Boeing for winning this inaugural recognition of all that Arizona’s manufacturing sector has to offer. The finalists, which represented industries as varied as electric vehicles, sporting equipment, and aerospace and defense, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the depth and breadth of the state’s manufacturing sector,” AMC Executive Director Grace Appelbe said. “I anticipate that next year’s competition will also feature a wide range of products showing off the creativity and innovation of Arizona manufacturers.”

The Hottest Thing Made in Arizona competition and the accompanying Made in Arizona Tour were components of Arizona Manufacturing Month, a month-long celebration dedicated to honoring the diverse and dynamic world of manufacturing within the state. Earlier in the month, the AMC recognized several exceptional manufacturers during its annual Manufacturer of the Year Awards. The event served as a platform for acknowledging excellence of small, medium, and large manufacturing sectors, as well as outstanding achievements in sustainability and innovation.

Queen Creek Mayor Julia Wheatley received the title of Manufacturing Champion, a testament to her advocacy for manufacturing and economic development within her community and the state.

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