Moon Valley Nurseries steps up to help homeowner in need

A woman in Scottsdale who had hundreds of pounds of tree trimmings dumped on her driveway following a dispute with a local arborist over the quality of their job, received a helping hand from Moon Valley Nurseries, a business community leader and Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry member that stepped up to remove the trimmings for free.

Pat Harrison, a high school teacher and senior citizen, needed two trees in her backyard trimmed, paying a $100 deposit to a local arborist who would return to do the work six weeks later. In the preceding weeks, her regular landscape maintenance company trimmed one of the trees. 

The new contractor showed up and spent less than 30 minutes trimming the second tree. Despite the fact they only trimmed one tree, the company wanted Harrison to pay the original $300 quoted two-tree price. Harrison refused to pay, believing it was an exorbitant price for a half-hour’s work.

Around three weeks later, the contractor returned to her house and dumped two large piles of mulch and trimmings on her driveway, leaving Harrison in disbelief. She told the contractor she would pay the $300 two-tree price if they promised to remove the piles of trimmings. The contractor refused the money and never returned to clean up the mess.

Harrison called several nurseries and landscape companies for help and soon realized that cleaning up the mess would be quite an expensive job. 

That’s when Moon Valley Nurseries stepped in. Harrison is a previous customer with Moon Valley, with a few trees from them already in her backyard. The company put into practice the policy that appears on their website: “Moon Valley Nurseries is committed to being a good steward of the environment and positively impacting our people and communities.” 

Last month, Moon Valley came to Harrison’s home without charge to remove the trimmings that had been partially blocking her driveway for nearly three weeks, taking an hour to clear enough debris to fill an entire landscape truck and a trailer.

Moon Valley has operations in multiple western states and continues to expand. Earlier this year, the company announced it would relocate to larger headquarters in Scottsdale. 
You can check out Moon Valley’s services and products here.

Nick Guptil

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