Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry recognized by U.S. Chamber of Commerce for outstanding advocacy

Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry President and CEO Danny Seiden on Monday was honored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce with its 2022 Advocacy and Public Policy Award in a ceremony before the Chamber of Commerce Committee of 100, a group of the nation’s most respected state and metro chamber leaders.

The award was in recognition of Seiden and the Arizona Chamber’s legislative advocacy over the past year, which included furious opposition to the Build Back Better bill.

The Arizona Chamber conducted tele-town halls, garnered national media attention, and communicated to Capitol Hill Arizona job creators’ opposition to the bill.

The Arizona Chamber kept up the pressure throughout 2022 as the so-called Inflation Reduction Act took shape, ensuring that several provisions harmful to the business community were removed.

“Our members expect us to be fighting for good policy and against bad policy that hurts business. It’s that simple,” Seiden said. “We are proud of our advocacy on behalf of the job creators who power the U.S. and Arizona economies, and we intend to remain vocal in our advocacy for policies that will grow jobs, whether at the state Capitol or in the halls of Congress.”

The Arizona Chamber this week is holding its annual Washington, D.C. Fly-in, which allows members the chance to visit with the state’s congressional delegation and to hear from experts across a host of issue areas.

Robert Clarke

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