Arizona Transportation Modernization Grant applications now open

Applications for a new initiative aiming to expand access and improve the reliability and safety of school transportation in Arizona by modernizing the state’s transportation network are now open.

Administered through A for Arizona, the Arizona Transportation Modernization Grant will disperse $20 million in grants supporting proposals designed to improve school transportation across the state. Ten million dollars were appropriated by the state Legislature earlier in the year and will be matched with federal stimulus funding through the Governor’s Office. At least $5 million will support proposals in rural and underserved communities.

“The grant program provides resources in addition to current transportation funding levels to incubate ideas to improve access to reliable and safe transportation for students who attend a district school through open enrollment or attend a public charter school, and to accelerate innovation and efficiency solutions,” According to A for Arizona.

“The Arizona Transportation Modernization Grants Program will strengthen opportunities for kids and families in rural communities and all areas of the state, and it will expand access to safe transportation for K-12 students,” said Gov. Doug Ducey. 

The program will also seek to expand transportation options for students attending nontraditional schools. 

“Through this all-call for solutions, public schools have an incredible opportunity to partner with entrepreneurs, local government, and community leaders to boldly identify options to transport students not solely reliant on yellow school buses,” Thiel Capital Managing Director Jack Selby said. Selby is an A for Arizona board member.

Schools, local governments, and community leaders can submit grant proposals up to $2 million on A for Arizona’s website. The application window will close at 3 pm MST on Friday, October 8.

Arjun Rondla

Arjun Rondla is an undergraduate studying political science and international trade at Arizona State University and an intern at the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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