New Poll Finds Arizona Voters Across the Political Spectrum Overwhelmingly Support Keeping App-Based Workers Classified as Independent Contractors

The App-Based Work Alliance, a coalition representing millions of workers nationwide choosing independent work, today released new polling that found overwhelming bipartisan support among Arizona voters for policies that maintain independence and flexibility for app-based workers.

More than 70 percent of Arizona voters prefer keeping app-based workers classified as independent contractors, and over three-quarters support policy proposals that would give app-based workers an “independence plus benefits” model allowing these workers to continue being independent contractors while creating statewide mandatory protections and benefits that app-based platforms would be required to provide. 

“The data is clear: Arizona voters across the political spectrum overwhelmingly want to see app-based workers remain independent contractors with access to benefits and protections, as well as the ability to set their own flexible schedules,” said App-Based Work Alliance spokeswoman Whitney Mitchell Brennan. “We urge Senators Sinema and Kelly to stand with their constituents and the vast majority of app-based workers who want to remain independent contractors and work towards modern policies that provide app-based workers with an ‘independence plus benefits’ model rather than reclassifying them as employees.” 

The poll was conducted by Global Strategy Group between May 5th and May 9th among 600 registered voters on both sides of the aisle in Arizona. A link to the full polling memo may be found here. Other notable findings within the poll include:

  • 85 percent of voters of color in Arizona strongly support an “independence plus benefits” proposal. 
  • 88 percent of Democratic voters and 89 percent of all young voters aged 18-34 support an “independence plus benefits” proposal. 
  • Only 29 percent of Arizona voters would prefer reclassifying drivers as employees.

This data is consistent with other surveys on app-based work conducted in states across the country. In poll after poll, voters and workers overwhelmingly say they support solutions that allow app-based workers to maintain their independence and flexibility  while giving them benefits and protections. 

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