Mesa Community College to offer automotive tech courses through Ford Motors

In a previous report from the McKinsey Global Institute, roughly half of today’s labor-intensive jobs will be done by machines by the middle of this century.  One industry that’s already become acquainted with robots is the American auto industry. 

Now, Ford Motor Company has introduced a new collaborative program with its Ford and Lincoln dealerships across the country, and secondary and postsecondary institutions, focusing on raising awareness around career opportunities in the automotive industry.

Available through Earnhardt Ford, students in Mesa Community College’s Automotive Technology program will be able to take advantage of courses that enhance an interest in the industry for long-term careers, especially in service technician roles. The program is free of charge and provides training around Ford/Lincoln vehicle systems by completing web-based training through a learning management system.

“MCC students who complete the program will have inside knowledge of specific Ford automotive training,” said Stephen Skroch, MCC Automotive Service program director. “The additional training enhances our current curriculum and provides our program graduates an additional competitive edge when seeking employment.”

The courses in the program are linked to current courses taken by technicians at Ford dealerships. Students who complete the training are encouraged to continue on toward a career in the automotive technician industry.  The students can start out with entry level automotive service technician roles at a Ford/Lincoln dealership following training and move up from there.

The MCC Automotive Service Program lets students earn Certificates of Completion honors as well as Associate degrees while learning how to diagnose, service, test, and repair the more detailed and complex computer-controlled automotive electrical systems under the hoods of Ford and Lincoln vehicles today.

Nick Esquer

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