Real estate team gives back

The Scottsdale-based real estate team, The Jason Mitchell Group, recently launched a program that will give back to those who serve our country. 

The Jason Mitchell Group’s Exclusive VA Rewards Program gives active-duty military and veterans in Arizona 30 percent of the real estate commission when they buy or sell a home with the group. 

Jason Mitchell, president of the real estate team, explained that the program is a good way for the real estate group to help active-duty military and veterans. “Look, we don’t just want to be somebody that helps you with real estate, we want to be somebody that actually contributes back to you for everything that you’ve done for us,” Mitchell said.  

The program participants can use the 30 percent received from the commission toward closing costs, title fees, pre-paid fees, lender fees or buying down their interest rate.

This program is geared to help program participants purchase or sell a home, but it also benefits the state’s overall economy.    

“It allows more opportunity for the state of homeownership. And, when people buy a home, it’s great for the economy because they go to Home Depot and buy carpeting. It’s great because they need landscaping,” Mitchell said. “Buying a home is probably the most important thing in the economy- one of them at least.” 

Selling, purchasing and keeping up with a home often requires services and goods, benefitting a variety of businesses.   

The Jason Mitchell Group’s goal is to save veterans in Arizona $1 million but plans to continue the program after that goal is met.  

Mitchell explained the real estate group receives referrals from partner organizations and is accustomed to paying referral fees at closing.

Because the group is used to paying the fee, Mitchell wanted to find a way to help others.  

“For us, it’s not about trying to make every dollar in a transaction,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell hopes the program will result in more transactions, which will help the real estate group and the active-duty military and veterans who are buying or selling a home. 

Sierra Ciaramella

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