Scottdale ranked second hottest market for summer jobs

When it comes to summer jobs, Scottsdale is one of the hottest markets in the nation.

A recent WalletHub study ranked Scottsdale as the second-best city in the nation for summer jobs. The study evaluated 180 different markets in the United States using 21 key indicators that fall under two categories: “Youth Job Market” and “Social Environment & Affordability Rank.”

“Youth Job Market” which tests the strength of the job market for people between the ages of 16-24 and contains indicators such as availability of summer jobs, summer employment growth, and unemployment rate, among others. “Social Environment & Affordability Rank,” on the other hand, considers factors like access to public transportation, fun-friendliness, commuter-friendliness, and more.

Scottsdale ranked second and sixth in these two categories, respectively, making it the hottest summer job market next to Orlando, Florida. In fact, this past January, WalletHub released a study that highlighted Scottsdale as the best city for jobs year-round.

“With the overall ranking being so high and Scottsdale being in the top 10 of the two categories, we believe that we rank highly in those categories,” explains City of Scottsdale economic development specialist Josh Utterback. “It’s a testament to how well-rounded Scottsdale is as a city and specifically how strong the job market is in the summer, and I would say year-round, as well.”

Utterback cites the economic development tools they’ve recently rolled out as some of the main drivers in job market growth. Last year, the City of Scottsdale launched their “Choose Scottsdale” job board, which features over 300 jobs from more than 60 employers. Free to use for job-seekers and employers, the platform is a perfect tool for finding and promoting internships, entry-level positions, and any other jobs in the city.

In addition to the job board, the City of Scottsdale operates the Scottsdale Teen Employment Program (STEP), run by the city’s Sheila Williams. STEP provides Scottsdale teens with job readiness skills, mock interviews, job referrals, and other tools that can help them land a job.

Putting economic development aside, Utterback emphasizes the city’s inherent qualities as an integral factor for its strong job market.

“The city’s been successful for job searchers for several different reasons. It needs to be said that it certainly wouldn’t be possible without the wide array of employers that call Scottsdale home. We’re fortunate to have great employers in each of our primary industries,” Utterback said. “The excellent quality of life, cost of living, median salaries, and pro-business environment are all very appealing to employers and employees alike. That’s certainly a component that I think needs to be taken into consideration.”

Other information about Scottsdale jobs and the city itself can be found on their social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. They post a weekly “Job of the Week” as well as other impactful opportunities.

Ben Norman

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