Grant to support our first responders

The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation granted more than $3 million over a three-year period to The 100 Club of Arizona in an effort to further support the state’s first responders.

“The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation provides critical funding to nonprofit partners that transform the lives of the most vulnerable populations.  We focus on homelessness, health, education, youth, military families & veterans to further the promise of the American Dream,” said Renee Parsons, businesswoman and philanthropist.

The 100 Club of Arizona supports those who work to keep Arizona safe including public safety agencies, fire services, probation, corrections, parole and law enforcement departments.

“Our first responders put their lives on the line each and every day. This grant will provide much needed funds to help Arizona’s first responders and their families deal with catastrophic injuries and much needed additional support for those coping with PTSD and other hazards of the job,” said Bob Parsons, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Angela Harrolle, 100 Club CEO and President says members of the community, including those from the business world, can come together to support those who work to provide safety in the state.

“The business community can become involved with The 100 Club of Arizona through many avenues. Many local, national and international businesses and their employees give back to our organization through volunteer programs, charitable match campaigns and payroll deduction options,” Harrolle said.

She added, “We are always grateful to businesses who sponsor specific programs such as our Public Safety Family Scholarships, Summer Camp for Public Safety children, Adopting a Public Safety Family facing adversity during the Holiday Season or volunteering to support one of our many events throughout the year.  We are always thankful for all the support that allows us to continue standing behind the men and women who stand behind the badge across our great state.”

Throughout the three-year grant period, The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation will provide $1.2 million each year to the 100 Club of Arizona.

Each year, $425,000 will go toward enhancing and improving access to mental health programs and $325,000 will go toward financial aid to assist first responders and their families in the event of catastrophic injury or medical retirement.

On top of that, $350,000 will go toward safety equipment needed to ensure the safety of first responders, especially for those who serve in areas that do not have the necessary funding. And, $100,000 will go toward training, outreach and other general operating needs of the organization.

Sierra Ciaramella

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