Arizona-based K-12 services company Edgenuity acquires blended learning provider Odysseyware

Weld North Education, a leading digital curriculum and educational services provider, recently acquired Glynlyon, Inc., a digital curriculum company serving more than one million students, combining the company’s two leading brands — Edgenuity and Odysseyware, respectively.

Scottsdale-based Edgenuity is a leading provider of online curriculum and instructional services for the K-12 education market, used by more than 20,000 schools, including 20 of the largest 25 school districts in the United States.

Edgenuity provides curriculum, supplemental materials and other student services, and can be customized to support online and blended learning models. The company also offers Advanced Placement (AP) credits and Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses.

“By virtue of Edgenuity and Odysseyware joining forces, educators now have access to more solutions to address blended and online learning, intervention, credit recovery and instructional services and support,” a spokesperson for Edgenuity said. “Edgenuity now offers more courses than ever, spanning grades K-12; more implementation choices at the school, district and individual student level; and the opportunity to address critical school needs, including the national teacher shortage and programs for college and career readiness.”

The education technology industry, also known as EdTech, has grown and evolved quickly in the past 20 years.

“Edgenuity has been a major player in the space since we were founded in 1998 and has been able to combine years of experience during our formative growth years with the trust of educators across the country to develop the good reputation we have today,” the spokesperson said. “Additionally, from our recent acquisition of Odysseyware to our acquisition of Compass Learning in 2016, we have been investing our offerings to address a wide range of areas where districts have needs.”

According to Edgenuity, the company has a vision of creating “the market’s most powerful and comprehensive suite of digital curriculum products.”

The key to Edgenuity’s success — and the success of Odysseyware — is the ability to provide higher levels of customization, personalization and flexibility than traditional classrooms. This creates opportunities for every type of student: “from the traditional learner, to an accelerated student, to those behind on credits, as well as for homebound students, athletes and a variety of other demographics,” the Edgenuity spokesperson said.

In addition to core curriculum, AP, honors, elective and dual-credit courses, Edgenuity offers Career and General Elective courses to help students explore different subjects and develop career and life skills.

“Developed in collaboration with industry experts, these online courses offer students exposure to and essential instruction in the fastest-growing industries and jobs,” the Edgenuity spokesperson said. “When Edgenuity’s electives suite is utilized as part of an online or blended learning program, districts can help students develop everything from pre-employment skills and career plans to personal wellness habits and financial literacy.”

Edgenuity combines online curriculum and real-time data with teacher-led instruction to create a personalized learning experience tailored to each individual student.

“Remarkable things happen when students are given choice and some control over the pace and place of their learning,” the Edgenuity spokesperson said. “Edgenuity recognizes that there are no two students out there who learn in exactly the same way, nor two students out there who have identical needs and interests.”

With the addition of Odysseyware’s market, Edgenuity now serves more than four million students.

“We are proud to provide teachers with the tools and support necessary to meet the needs of every student in their classroom rather than ‘teaching to the middle,’” the spokesperson said.

In the long-term, Edgenuity aims to build the “best digital curriculum company in the market,” using technology to improve student outcomes.

Despite its national reach, the company remains headquartered in Arizona, where EdTech continues to thrive.

“According to recent data from the Arizona Commerce Authority, the EdTech market is projected to grow to more than $252 billion by 2020 globally,” the Edgenuity spokesperson said. “A critical mass of the industry’s development has taken place in Arizona, with the Phoenix area alone now home to more than 50 EdTech companies.”

Arizona is an ideal location for Edgenuity because the state’s education market is open to embracing technology in the classroom, the spokesperson said.

“The state has historically shown a willingness to explore innovative and creative solutions to help students, including (but not limited to) the integration of technology. Additionally, Arizona is one of the top three states in the nation for school choice, which has created an ecosystem in which technology and education can thrive hand-in-hand.”

Graham Bosch

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