Economist uncovers path to prosperity

Author, economist, musician and American Enterprise Institute president Dr. Arthur Brooks traveled the world to discover the secret to happiness and prosperity, especially for those at the margins of society.

What did Dr. Brooks discover? In the upcoming film “The Pursuit,” viewers can see for themselves.

“The work that Dr. Brooks is working on is particularly focused on ‘the pursuit’, the idea that those on the margin deserve equal opportunity. And, that as conservatives lifting them up from the margins and working with free enterprise solutions for those people is the path to work,” George Khalaf, Resolute Group co-founder and Data Orbital LLC president and CEO, said.

Khalaf explained that he supports “The Pursuit” because many people struggle and do not have the opportunity to kickstart their own dreams.  

He was inspired by Dr. Brooks when he heard him speak at American Enterprise Institute’s Leadership Network in D.C. Now, his firm, the Resolute Group, is hosting an advanced screening of the movie in early April.

“It’s to give hope to those that are struggling. I mean if someone is just generally struggling in any capacity I think this movie gives you hope, it shows you that there’s a lot of struggle around the world- it’s a shared struggle- but that there is hope for the path to work.”

The film encourages business and public policy professionals and leaders that it is important to lift people up and help them reach the ‘American dream,’ Khalaf explained.

“We’re talking about so many people that don’t have the equal opportunity to be able to even start the pursuit. They feel like the pursuit is out of their reach and that’s a big concern to me and it should be a concern to anyone that’s in business and that’s in public policy,” he said.

Dr. Brooks approaches issues through storytelling, but he doesn’t omit the economic issues and economic policy.  

“We shouldn’t ditch our facts, we shouldn’t ditch our statistics. We just need to make our statistics relatable. Dr. Brooks is storytelling and when he talks to you about these statistics, he tells it with respect to a story,” Khalaf said.

He added, “And so, as an economist I think he’s the perfect combination of storyteller and fact-teller.”

Hosted by the Resolute Group, the advanced screening will take place on Wednesday, April 3 at the Burton Barr Central Library in Phoenix at 6 p.m. Those who are interested can learn more and register.

“The Pursuit” will premiere for the general public the week of Sunday, April 28.

Sierra Ciaramella

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