TTI Success Insights finds success in personality testing

“People truly want to understand other people, people truly want to get better and have better communication and work together towards something bigger. That’s just a common thing.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if employees came with an operation manual? Something that told you how best to communicate with the employee, what their work ethic is, and the motivation behind their actions?

TTI Success Insights, a Scottsdale-based behavioral assessment tool company, is using personality tests to help companies thrive through a “People First” mindset.

“If you focus on the employee experience, creating a purpose and leadership within an organization, that creates the employee engagement which also leads to productivity within the organization,” Rick Bowers, TTI Success Insight President, said. “By focusing on people first all the other pieces of your business really will fall into place. If you don’t get the people part of the business right, it’s really going to struggle.”

TTI gives companies the chance to test through multiple types of personality tests that study an individual’s behavior/DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance), driving forces, soft skills, emotional intelligence, and perception.

“The DISC assessment…is probably the most common one in the marketplace today. It’s really referred to a lot as a personality test because it’s how people like to do what they do,” Bowers said. “How do they address problems? How do they address people? What’s their pace like? How do they follow rules? Those kinds of things. What they typically do in terms of a how.”

After taking a personality test, TTI sends the participant and their company talent insight which explains an individual’s behaviors, driving forces, and how to best integrate their behaviors and driving forces.

Similar to an operation manual, the insights measure how an individual will respond to problems and challenges; how they influence others to see their point of view; how they respond to the pace of the environment; and how they respond to rules and procedures set by others.

It also tells an employer their employee’s characteristics, value to the organization, ways to communicate, ways not to communicate, descriptors, natural and adapted style, time wasters, areas for improvements, and more.

“I think the most valuable piece [of TTI SI’s Talent Insights and emotional intelligence assessments] for us was a better understanding of the unique characteristics of our colleagues and managers, and why they approach their work in the manner in which they do. It has helped make dramatic improvements in having employees better excel and understand one another,” Caitlyn Fitzgerald, the director of sales at TrackMaven and TTI client, said.  

According to Bowers, what makes TTI unique is that the company looks at the individual’s side and the job’s side.

“[We see] what does the person bring to the job and what does the job need for success? The job side’s a little trickier because jobs, as we know, can’t talk,” he said. “We built assessments to allow the stakeholders or the subject matter experts within a position to speak for the job and what it takes to be successful. One of our true competitive advantages is really being able to understand the job and the people.”

TTI was also the first company to personalize and computerize assessments, allowing individuals to take the tests online and get a personalized analytical insight.

The company currently works with more than 100,000 companies and works worldwide with operations in six continents.

“I’ve traveled the world, I’ve been to about 40 countries and trained and worked with people all over the world and it’s fascinating to me how all of the same things are true in all of these different cultures. Almost the questions you get from country to country are almost identical. They definitely have a culture spin to them here and there, but people truly want to understand other people,” Bowers said.

Emily Richardson

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