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Innovation takes creativity and sizable amounts of capital. Most growing businesses use a combination of debt and equity to efficiently capitalize their company and achieve the benefits of both types of financing. Venture debt is an attractive option for venture-backed companies seeking to lower their cost of capital and extend runway.

Trinity Capital Investment is a nationally recognized, leading provider of secured loans and leases to early and growth stage companies with strong institutional investors.With lending offices in Chandler and Palo Alto, Trinity has become an integral member of the lending community since entering the marketplace more than a decade ago. It has backed this up with funding approaching $1 billion since its inception.

“We are focused on companies growing rapidly in very large and stable markets with extremely disruptive technology,” said Managing Partner Kyle Brown. “We hone in on companies that have already raised institutional equity to build out, test and prove their product, who are now into revenue and starting to ramp up operations. That’s the point at which Trinity looks to enter a company – when it’s primarily about execution risk.”

You may be familiar with many of Trinity’s portfolio companies – Impossible Foods, Le Tote, Matterport and Grub Market to name a few. Trinity has built a team of personnel with extensive start-up, operational expertise – giving us the ability to relate to our borrowers, along with veteran finance professionals. This combination of expertise helps us differentiate ourselves to limited partners entrusting us with their capital along with our borrowers who want to know we’ve walked in their shoes.

“Our capital is meant to extend runway for companies, so they can build their valuation heading into a fundraise or liquidity event. The very best outcome is when Trinity, our borrower, and the company’s investors all win,” Brown said.

The company started in 2007 with a mere $8 million in capital raised. But patience, persistence, and growth has led their 23-person team to a record year last year, as they recorded $192 million in funding on $260 million in commitments to venture-backed growth stage businesses.

“We have become a consistent and trusted manager of capital to high net-worth and family offices here in Arizona and across the U.S.- delivering risk averse, double digit returns,” said Brown.

The company’s major markets are in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, New York and Boston. However, Trinity thinks Arizona is the perfect place to call home.

“Arizona has a large and diverse employee pool with the presence of multiple large technology firms,” Brown said. “The affordability of housing and low tax rates offers a higher standard of living than most states.  All that combined with eight months of perfect weather, and easy access to the mountains up north or my favorite – the beach in SoCal or Mexico when things heat up – makes Arizona an ideal location.”

Currently in the middle of fundraising for a recent offering, Trinity continues to have its eye on the prize, as their goal is to be the #1 venture lending platform in the world. “We are building a culture within our organization that’s all about humility, transparency and accomplishing big things,” Brown said. “We’re not necessarily focused on being the largest fund manager out there – we just want to be the first thought and most trusted partner for growth stage companies across the world when they need incremental capital to build their business.”

Trinity Capital Investment is a sponsor of the 2019 AZ Tech Innovation Summit, featuring keynote speaker Mark Cuban. The Summit welcomes speakers from leading edge tech companies that are driving innovation in Arizona, as well as investors who are powering today’s most exciting startups. To learn more, click here.

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