Lower utility bills for APS customers starts tomorrow

February will be off to a good start for Arizona Public Service (APS) customers.

Starting Feb. 1, the utility company will be lowering monthly bills for residential customers by an average of $3. Currently, the average customer’s bill is $9.59 less than it was in March 2018.

APS serves approximately 2.7 million people throughout Arizona in 11 of the state’s 15 counties.

The decrease is a result of an increase in sales of electricity to other Western states due to an innovative energy trading program, lower operating costs at APS power plants because off cheaper fuel prices and being paid to take excess solar generation from California.

“We are always looking for ways to keep our product affordable, as well as safe, clean and reliable,” Stacy Derstine, APS Vice President of Customer Service, said in a statement. “That’s how for 20 years APS rates have stayed below the rate of inflation. We pass savings on to customers when our costs to serve them come down.”

Customers will see the decrease on the power supply adjustor line of their bill starting tomorrow.

On top of the $3 average reduction, APS is also looking at other opportunities to continually decrease the average customer bill.

“I think it’s important to know we are here around the clock looking for opportunities to make our service more affordable for them,” APS Manager of State Regulation Kerri Carnes said. “We do recognize that there is a portion of our customers that may need more help. So, we have a couple of programs available for those customers who may be interested.”

For example, the Energy Support Program offers a 25 percent monthly discount for customers who qualify.

Along with the Energy Support Program, other customer resources the company offers includes Crisis Bill Assistance, a program where APS gives temporary crisis assistance of up to $400 to cover current or past-due bills.

According to APS, the company gives $2.5 million of regular annual funding that goes into the program.

“This is something we’re really dedicated to. We think it’s really important and we’ve added some additional funds to [the Crisis Bill Assistance]. Most recently we’ve added $500,000 for those customers who may have been impacted by the federal government shutdown,” Carnes said.

Customers who were affected by the shutdown can apply for the program up to two months after they have resumed work.

Even if customers do not qualify for these programs, there are other ways for customers to save on their electric bills.

“There are lots and lots of tips and tools that can help customers manage their energy usage in their home and actually result in savings,” Carnes said. “There’s lots of things out there like smart thermostats, to how to shift, stagger, and save, using cold water instead of hot water to do your laundry, there’s a lot of information out there for customers.”

To find more information on how to save, visit aps.com/tips.

Morgan Carr

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