Phoenix is a top-five city for digital marketing

Thirty years ago, the primary forms of marketing included paper advertisements, highway billboards, and television commercials. Then, a little invention called the internet came along and changed the trajectory of marketing forever.

With the introduction of the internet and social media, digital marketing has become increasingly crucial for businesses around the world. To better interact with their potential consumers, companies utilize digital advertisements, content marketing, social media, and more. This allows them to reach a wider audience and grow their company exponentially; and according to Forbes, Phoenix is a top-five city for digital marketing.

The report highlights the presence of tech giants Apple, Amazon, and GoDaddy as an example of city’s rapid growth as a national technology hub. Additionally, Phoenix hosts numerous digital marketing agencies, such as MWI, Off Madison Ave, Allison+Partners, and Lucid Agency.

Lucid Agency CEO Scott Kaufmann explains that Phoenix is a perfect location for digital marketing agencies because of its location and its business climate. “You have markets in the west coast or southwest that are trying to advance and switch over to that digital marketing side,” Kaufmann said. “Phoenix is a perfect location for that because it’s so close to many of those southwest states.” In fact, he notes that not only is Phoenix a great place for digital marketing agencies, but it is also perfect for entrepreneurs in general.

“Arizona is definitely an easy place to do business because regulations are so low. Because of that, many new agencies can rise in the state,” Kaufmann said. “Arizona is also a very flat state, so it’s easy to find resources to start a company. If you need funding to start your agency, legal help, or anything else, it’s pretty easy to find those resources.”

Kaufmann addresses the growth of marketing and its importance within companies. Because of this dramatic shift following the expansion of technology and social media, companies must evolve daily to reach their target consumers.

“We’re trying to respond to how people change their lives and how they take in information,” he adds. “As technology and consumer preferences have changed over time, it’s gone from push marketing to more reciprocal and participatory marketing, where we’re trying to have a dialogue with consumers. The most efficient way of doing that is through digital means, so naturally, a large portion of marketing budgets have shifted towards the digital side.”

Kaufmann also emphasized the importance of Arizona State University for many of these Phoenix digital marketing agencies as well, as the university has an unrivaled talent pool. Because of these top-tier graduates, the favorable business climate, and the growing demand for digital marketing, Phoenix has proven itself once again to be a national leader in business trends.

Ben Norman

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