The Arizona-Mexico Commission celebrates 60th anniversary

After decades of increasing trade opportunities and building relationships with Arizona’s neighbors in Mexico, the Arizona-Mexico Commission is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

“International relationships have never been more important and the Arizona-Mexico Commission brings the right people together to fuel our state’s continued trade success,” Jessica Pacheco, Arizona Mexico Commission (AMC) president, said. “As we enter the sixth decade of cross-border collaboration, the Arizona-Mexico Commission will focus on celebrating the organization’s legacy, while defining our future – our relationship with Mexico has never been better, and we are dedicated to expanding progress.”

AMC works to improve the economic prosperity and quality of life for Arizonans through collaborations with Mexico in advocacy, trade, networking and information.

“I’m proud to say that, as we celebrate our heritage with the 60th Anniversary of the Arizona-Mexico Commission, our relationship with Mexico is stronger than ever,” Gov. Doug Ducey said at his State of the State address in Tucson last week.

Ducey continued by announcing a new port of entry investment in his budget proposal. “It includes $700,000 to better preserve produce as it’s being inspected at the Mariposa Port of Entry in Nogales. And with an updated North American trade deal, known as the USMCA, this investment will mean even more trade coming through our ports and more jobs for Arizonans.”

Gov. Ducey also commended AMC for its work to strengthen Arizona’s relationship with Mexico in his Inauguration Day remarks.

He said, “Over the last four years we’ve worked hard to build the relationship that’s founded on trust and mutual respect. And today, I’m proud to say we’re more than just neighbors with Sonora, we’re partners. And that partnership is leading to more growth and prosperity for both our states.”

AMC was founded in 1959 when former Arizona Gov. Paul J. Fannin and former Sonora Gov. Alvaro Obregon banded together to reach shared goals for the region. Representatives from each state were selected from a variety of industries to improve relations.

About 13 years later, former Arizona Gov. Jack Williams expanded the organization by appointing community leaders to lead AMC as its Board of Directors.  

Over the last six decades, AMC has continued to grow and strengthen the relationship with its neighbors in Mexico. The 60th anniversary is geared to embrace that growth and focus on fostering relationships.

The organization will have an action-packed year of activity that both celebrates the 60-year legacy and continues building on the relationships critical to Arizona’s place as a leader in the global economy.

Sierra Ciaramella

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