Let’s get physical! Youfit partners with Advanced Genomic Solutions to offer customized workouts

Fitness fads come and go but Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS), an international leader in genomic testing, is bringing a health trend that they believe will last.

AGS is partnering with Youfit Health Club, giving its members access to genetic testing offered through the YouCoach personal training program.

“If you realized that you were genetically inclined to get better results from a specific type of exercise wouldn’t you maximize that choice?” Youfit COO J.J. Creegan said. “People complicate health and wellness and believe that they need to be ‘all-in.’ At Youfit, we believe that it’s all about the small steps and decisions, and the most important thing is showing up. Every visit is a victory no matter how long or what type of workout you complete.”

AGS will provide a Health and Wellness Genetic Test that allows individuals to find out what diet and exercises are best for them, which nutrients they may be deficient in, and learn about their appetite and food sensitivities.

“We’re able to measure some genetic variations in the body,” Lance Bennett co-founder of AGS said. “It’s almost like we give them the owner’s manual and can help them figure out what types of foods they should be eating. Really focusing in and using that genetic component can help craft the right plan for that individual and hopefully have better, longer lasting success.”

According to Bennett, these tests will help personal trainers personalize workouts that are best suited for the client’s goal.

One size does not fit all when it comes to planning meals and doing exercises. The trainer can now really customize the amount of time that they’re with them to make sure they’re getting the right types of exercises in,” he said. “So, if I have an individual and let’s say that 70 percent of their time is identified that they should be doing strength training, 30 percent of the time they should be doing endurance training. If I’m a Youfit trainer I could devise a plan or a number of plans for that individual to make sure that we’re getting the best impact.”

With exercise you start with the fundamentals, customize them to the individual, gather feedback and then assess results,” Creegan said. “Unfortunately, it takes time for a trainer to learn what works best for each person. Armed with the information from DNA testing, a trainer can bypass some of that learning and get you to your results quicker.”

In a study published on BMC Bioinformatics, researchers found that after 300 days of follow-up individuals who participated in DNA health testing were more likely to have maintained some weight loss (73%) than those in the comparison group (32%).  

“The most exciting part is watching individuals really find success where they haven’t found it before because now they have information that has previous not been given to them. They’re able to really key in to what their body needs… They can actually create a plan that’s right, just for them. [And] when they start to see those results because they’re finally listening to themselves…it’s an amazing thing to see,” Bennett said.

“The healthier we are the more we get to enjoy life. Wellness information provided by the AGS testing will help all of us live better and feel better sooner,” Creegan said.

To learn more about AGS’s genetic testing, click here.

Emily Richardson

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