The pluses of CIRQ+

Yani and Jodi Deros, the power couple of innovation and founders and CEOs of ATOM Innovation and Product Development, reside in the Phoenix neighborhood of Ahwatukee. ATOM is located in Scottsdale at ASU SkySong and is highly recognized for its creation of the S2 Framing Hammer. This award-winning tool is sleek and thoughtfully made in order to reduces shock to the user, have a long lasting and durable handle and allow for easy replacement of the head.

The owners are again in the limelight for the creation of CIRQ+ Technology. The Deros identified a hole in the hospitality market to provide updated technology devices that would not only improve the guest experience, but also save hotels money.  

CIRQ+ is a device that, in the most basic sense, will replace and improve clock radios and charging stations. Upon closer inspection, ATOM has made it so the charging port can easily be swapped out over time when the former technology becomes obsolete. There is also the option to provide additional outlets as well, so there is no need for guests to lug around multiple charging converters, especially in overseas travel. This alone will save hotel owners money and give them an incentive to invest in a quality device and keep it up to date for their guests as technology continues to change.

Cofounder Yani Deros explained what went into creating the CIRQ+ technology: “We have engaged with almost 1,000 hotels and properties around the world to capture their challenges, aspirations and unmet needs that eventually built the foundation of CIRQ+.  As a result we found an incredible opportunity to develop a technology solution that could transform any hotel room in the world instantly modernizing the space with one system.”

Yani continued to explain the unique benefits of the technology to the user and hotel owners. “The system consolidates numerous legacy in-room products into a unified solution – from EMS [Energy Management System], power outlets, charging, alarm clock, Bluetooth speaker, to thermostat controls and more. Guests can control their in-room settings from an app on their mobile phone or from the CIRQ+ in-room hub, giving them comfort, convenience and connectivity at their fingertips. Additionally, guests have the ability to migrate their personal preferences from CIRQ+ enabled properties to maximize their experience, build loyalty and add value.”

Once the technology is in place, the money saving will begin. Within CIRQ+, there are sensors that monitor when the room is in use. Thus, when motion is not detected, power and thermostat preferences will be turned off until the sensors are notified that the room is occupied again. The goal is to eventually link with water systems as well, so that wasteful usage of the precious resource does not occur.

Currently, three Arizona hotels are using, or have plans to use, the device in their rooms. The Clarendon Hotel and Spa was the first to integrate the new technology. Charles Morman, Chief Technology Officer at the Clarendon explained, “so far, the hotel has seen substantial reductions in energy use for rooms equipped with the CIRQ+ system.” He continued, “the CIRQ+ system allows us to reduce energy use on a room-by-room basis, without degrading the guest experience.” The Scottsdale Plaza resort is in line to receive the new technology soon as well as the Element Hotel at SkySong, which is currently under construction.

Executive Vice President of the Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association David Drennon summarized the impact of the new technology in the hospitality industry. “The innovative team at CIRQ+ has combined smart home controls and easy access to charging mobile devices in one incredible unit,” Drennon said. “These AzLTA members are disrupting the industry with technology which improves the guest experience while delivering energy efficiency and lower power costs for hotels and resorts.” 

Audra Carver

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