Gov. Ducey sworn in for second term

At Inauguration Day this morning, Gov. Doug Ducey was sworn into office for his second term as Governor of Arizona.

“Today I recommit to be a governor for all the people. Civility and collaboration will carry us forward,” Ducey said.

He added, “This isn’t Washington D.C. Here, we know each other. Name calling and game playing don’t work. Good faith and goodwill do.”

At the inauguration, he announced plans for the fiscal year 2019-2020 budget, as well as policy issues that will impact the future of the state, including the impending water crisis and public safety.

“Four years ago, we were broke. Today it’s not by accident I stand before you with the largest projected budget surplus in a decade,” Gov. Ducey said.

But he added that although the state is in a better financial situation, there will not be a spending spree.

“We’re going to live within our means. We’re going to fulfill teacher pay raises, and we’re going to be better prepared for the next downturn so it doesn’t become a calamity.”

Gov. Ducey noted Arizona will continue to focus on workforce development.

“Arizona is open for business, government has gotten out of the way, people are benefitting and it’s going to stay that way,” he said. “Now comes the work ahead. Arizona has been a job magnet, but it’s time we become a jobs juggernaut. Where if you want to work, you can. Because here we won’t stand in the way of jobs.”

The state is currently facing a deadline from the Federal Bureau of Reclamation to implement a Drought Contingency Plan to handle future shortages in the Colorado River. The feds have given the state an ultimatum: Act by January 31st or invite federal intervention.

“Arizona and our neighboring states draw more water from the Colorado River than Mother Nature puts back. And with a critical shortfall imminent, we cannot kick the can any further,” Ducey said. “It’s going to mean rising above self-interest and doing the right thing. It means taking the action our past and future generations demand.”

Gov. Ducey laid out various plans for his second term to Inauguration Day attendees, including addressing the teacher attraction and retention issue and “equipping every student with the know-how needed to succeed after graduation.”

He said he will also focus on “protecting public safety while finding ways to reverse the trend of far too many young men ending up behind bars.”

Gov. Ducey defeated Democratic candidate David Garcia to secure his second term.

Gov. Ducey touted some first term accomplishments, including the establishment of “the Americans Civic Act, new measures to fight the opioid epidemic, eliminating the rape kit backlog and investing 2.7 billion new dollars and growing in the public K12 education.”

He also worked to strengthen cross-border trade, furthered autonomous vehicle research and border trade and safety.

Sierra Ciaramella

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