Suns partnership with PayPal proves to be mutually beneficial

This summer, the Phoenix Suns and PayPal announced a multi-year partnership that would put PayPal’s logo on Suns jerseys. This partnership is the first of its kind for the Phoenix Suns and has already proven to be an impactful relationship for both parties.

Suns President and CEO Jason Rowley notes that choosing a jersey partnership was important because the jersey patch gets so much attention. The size and location of the patch gets some of the most visibility in an NBA game, making it a perfect place for advertisers and an excellent opportunity for teams in the league.

Rowley explains that PayPal is the perfect jersey sponsor because the company shares the same customer-centric viewpoint as the Suns. “Having a frictionless transaction, whether it’s PayPal for business or Venmo for transferring money between friends, all of that’s driven by what makes the most sense for the consumer,” Rowley states. “There’s a consistency between how they reach their customers and how we reach our customers, which is important to us.”

Further, PayPal provides an international presence for the Suns, which is crucial as the NBA continues to expand. “Looking at the NBA as a whole, the NBA has a tremendous and continually growing reach across the globe in terms of participation,” Rowley continues. “By way of example, there is more Chinese youth playing basketball than there are people in the US.”

The Suns have already increased their presence globally – according to Rowley, the Suns rank 12th in global presence of all teams in the league. In fact, the Suns were the first team to play a home game in Mexico two years ago. A partnership with PayPal can help the Phoenix Suns expand their global footprint.

Currently, the team is working to integrate PayPal payment services into their online and stadium infrastructures. Rowley notes that the team’s goal is to complete the implementation of these systems by the end of the season. “We hope to have it before that — but there’s a realization that it will take some time to get there,” he expounds. “We would rather have it be a seamless rather than a poor experience for the fans.”

Through this multi-year partnership, fans can expect to have new and convenient payment services to acquire season tickets, buy merchandise, and purchase concessions. Plus, the added revenue allows the Suns to invest more into the team and make the fan experience that much richer.

Ben Norman

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