McSally, Sinema Senate race too close to call

While the outcome of many races were determined last night, the United States Senate race remains undecided.

Senate candidates Rep. Martha McSally (R) and Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D) spent Tuesday night trading off a one-point lead.

At 1 a.m., McSally tweeted “A great night for Arizona – heading to bed with a lead of over 14,000 votes. We’re confident tomorrow will bring more good news. Thank you, Arizona! #AZSEN”

As of 9 a.m., McSally still held a .9-point lead with 75 percent of the ballots counted. McSally has 49.3 percent of the votes while Sinema has 48.4 percent.

Sinema this morning tweeted “Good morning, Arizona! This race is about you and we’re going to make sure your vote is counted. There are a lot of outstanding ballots – especially those mailed in – and a lot of reasons to feel good! We’re doing the work & will keep you updated. Thanks for being on Team Sinema!”

Neither candidate has released an official statement regarding the race. It is estimated that 600,000 more ballots need to be counted.

While it might take a few days for the race to be officially called, both candidates are closely monitoring the ballot counts and overall trends.

Nationally, Democrats took control of the U.S. House – with 222 Democrats and 199 Republicans – but Republicans retained the majority in the Senate.

Going into Election Day there were ten Senate races – Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia – with polls indicating fewer than ten points between the two candidates.

So far, Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Tennessee and Texas Senate seats have all gone to Republicans, while West Virginia, Montana and Nevada are the only key races won by a Democrat.

With these results, Republican keep control of the Senate currently holding 51 of the 100 seats.

Florida will be conducting a recount in the Senate race between outgoing Republican Gov. Rick Scott and incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson, a Democrat.

Emily Richardson

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