Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle touts McSally support of economic policies

Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle voiced their support for Senate candidate Congresswoman Martha McSally alongside her at a panel event at Southwest Gas in Phoenix.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 7.1 million job openings on the last business day of August. It is reported as a “series high.”

“The economy is doing so well we have more jobs open than human beings to fill them,” said panel moderator Glenn Hamer, president and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Hamer continued, “you have members of Congress that are leaders on the United States Congress, voting and providing leadership policies that will produce a healthy economy.”

Donald Trump Jr., executive vice president of the Trump Organization, said the decision to support McSally is simple for him, and he encouraged the audience to go vote and expressed the importance of motivating others to vote.

In regard to gross domestic product growth and reducing regulations, Trump Jr. touted the progress of the administration. “We’re at 4.3 percent [growth]. It keeps going and they’re getting stuff done- eliminating oppressive regulations. I mean, the administration set out to cut two regulations that were sort of just sitting on the books obsolete for decades for every new one that they’ve put in place and they’ve overshot their goal on that,” Trump Jr. said.

In addition to supporting policies that encourage job growth, Congresswoman McSally explained her involvement with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA).

The act nearly doubled the standard deduction, established new limitations on itemized deductions, reduced income tax rates and included reforms to several other provisions, according to the Tax Foundation.

“Not only did I vote for it, but I worked really hard on it,” McSally said. “It hadn’t been updated in over 30 years and we just need to change the culture of Washington.”

As the bill moved forward, she explained, “we doubled the standard deduction, lowering rates for everybody; on average a family of four is getting a $2,000 break. I felt it was really important to preserve the child independent care tax credit.”

That factor of the bill was important to her because one of the issues regarding the pay gap for single parents and dual-income families is the expense of child care.

She also prioritized the preservation of the medical expense deduction.

“As we see health care costs are continuing to go up for individuals, middle-class families and seniors,” Congresswoman McSally said. As the tax increased to ten percent, “it was my bill to actually roll that back to 7.5 percent.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle, vice chairwoman of America First Action PAC voiced her support for McSally.

“The truth and the facts speak for themselves. Martha’s been absolutely incredible,” Guilfoyle said. “She gets it. She’s super smart, she’s hardworking, she understands all of the issues that affect Americans.”

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