McSally, Kyl, Collins attend Small Business Expo, encourage business owners to vote

There is less than a week left before the midterm elections and Representative Martha McSally (R) continues to work the campaign trail.

Yesterday, Arizona Senator Jon Kyl (R) and Maine Senator Susan Collins (R) joined McSally at the Small Business Expo in downtown Phoenix.

“We have three extraordinary Americans. All three have served this country honorably,” Glenn Hamer, Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry President and CEO, said. “Senator Susan Collins is in the middle of making this country work and function. I’m the dad of three daughters [and] I can’t think of better role models than Senator Collins and Congresswoman McSally. Congresswoman McSally has been fighting for this country for over a quarter century. She is the first female combat pilot [and] she was the first woman to lead a squadron in combat.”

The two Senators and Congresswoman discussed the state and country’s booming economy, telling expo participants that a vote for McSally would keep the momentum going.

“What is the direction we want to go in?” McSally asked. “That’s why this race is so important. Do we want to keep going in this direction? With the tax cuts and rolling back more regulations to provide more opportunity growth, or do we want it to come to a screeching halt?”

“Another strong advocate for our small businesses is Congresswoman Martha McSally,” Collins said. “Since the Tax Bill became law, we’ve seen the creation of 1.8 million new jobs. So, when you look at the results of tax relief for working families, job creation, [and] overall growth of our economy, I think you can already see the beneficial impact of the Tax Bill.”

“It’s no secret I’m a big supporter of Martha McSally,” Kyl said. “She’s someone who takes her job very seriously and who works very hard at it. [She’s] a do-er, somebody who cares deeply and who is very energetic about representing causes bigger than herself.”

According to Collins, since the Tax Bill was signed into law the United States has seen 1.8 million new jobs and experienced GDP growth of 3.2 percent.

“Since I’ve been in Congress, I’ve been a champion of small businesses,” McSally said.

“I can’t imagine a better colleague than Martha McSally. She has the energy, enthusiasm, and experience that we need in the United States Senate. So, I certainly hope that the next time I see her that I’ll be calling her Senator McSally,” Collins said.

McSally is running against Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema (D) to replace Senator Jeff Flake’s (R) seat, which is expected to be the closest Senate race in the 2018 election.

The election is on Nov. 6. To find your polling location click here.  

Emily Richardson

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