Arizona is going global

The Global Chamber Phoenix celebrated the 10-year anniversary of “The Phoenix 2018 Grow Globally Fair” last Friday. The event brought together Phoenix exporters and importers, Global Chamber members and individuals in the Arizona community.

Keith Jackson, director of sales and marketing with local business Eyetech Digital Systems, works with a small team of 20 in Mesa, Arizona that is making strides in their field. Locally, Eyetech has partnered with Mayo Clinic on a new Oculo-Cognitive Addition Test (OCAT), which aids in continuing to provide better medical assessments to Arizonans. Jackson explained that, “we outsource a lot of the components and then we do final assembly there in Mesa,” which brings the job opportunities back to Arizona, boosting our economy.

The Arizona-based team recently formalized a partnership with worldwide computer software company Microsoft, to collaborate and change how we use our computers. “We’ve launched a new eye control layer, accessibility layer, inside Windows 10 that now, as soon as you plug in our eye tracker, it will recognize it and you can control your whole Windows computer hands free.” Advancements such as these, earned the group the award of Global Exporter of the Year.

Dr. Kristine Quade, CEO and Founder of ATHENA Valley of the Sun, and another award recipient at the event, spoke about her group and the impact that supporting women in Arizona has on the community. Quade explained that ATHENA Valley of the Sun’s mission is “leave no woman leader behind.” Through the creation of the supportive group, women receive the empowerment, encouragement, and leadership skills necessary to feed back into the Arizona community. One of the ways these women do this is by mentoring the next generation of  women leaders.

Investing in our youth, as Quade says, “It loops.” ATHENA has many chapters throughout the country and extends internationally, as well. Quade said that when she first moved to Arizona she did a lot of work in China assisting with women leadership programs. She saw the importance of aiding other groups that really needed that support. Because of this holistic spirit of helping others across different age ranges and countries, ATHENA International and Dr. Kristine Quade were honored with the Global Collaborator of the of Year award.

As other individuals came to the stage to accept their awards, they expressed the importance of being a state with a global mindset. Barry Wong, one of three recipients of the Global Tribe Leader of the Year Award and the Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Equal Opportunity, stated “Ducey brought the Global Leader mindset to Arizona.” Councilwoman Suzanne Klapp for the City of Scottsdale and the recipient of the Global Government Leader of the Year award also expressed her deep belief in the importance of hosting international visitors in our state.

The full list of honored individuals and groups is listed below.

  • Global Exporter of the Year– Keith Jackson & Melinda Trego (Eyetech DS)
  • Exporter with Social Impact of the Year– Vinayak Gupta (Zero Mass Water)
  • Global Diplomat of the Year– Kelly Moeur (Honorary Consul General of Japan)
  • Global Collaborator of the Year– Kristine Quade (ATHENA International-Valley of the Sun)
  • Global City of the Year– Mayor Cathy Carlat and Rick Buss (City of Peoria)
  • Global Government Leader of the Year– Suzanne Klapp (City of Scottsdale)
  • Global Real Estate Leader of the Year– Anita Verma (Vermaland)
  • Global Logistics Leader of the Year– Ricardo Alcubierre (UPS)
  • Global Banking Leader of the Year– Vince Thelander (Bank of America)
  • Global International Attorney of the Year– Hugh Hallman (Berry Riddel)
  • Global Wealth Management Leader of the Year– Lennard van der Feltz (Pinnacle Financial Advisors)
  • Global Tribe Leader(s) of the Year– Barry Wong (State of Arizona), Jeanine Jerkovic (City of Surprise), Luis Ramirez (Ramirez Advisors)
  • Global Connector of the Year– Grant Doyle (Global Chamber Calgary)
  • Global Real Estate Leader of the Year– Anita Verma (Vermaland)

Audra Carver

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