AT&T rolls out 5G Evolution in Phoenix

AT&T announced that it has rolled out 5G Evolution in the Phoenix area, a major step to establishing its 5G network in Arizona. The technology provides the framework for its fastest network in telecommunications history.

5G Evolution, according to external affairs director Toni Morales Broberg, can be described as “an on-ramp to the 5G Highway.” In other words, 5G Evolution provides the skeleton to delivering 5G network speeds to cities across the country. Once fully implemented, citizens will have access to mobile internet speeds of 400 megabits per second – to put that into perspective, 4G speeds offer an average of 70 megabits per second.

Broberg explains that the release of 5G Evolution and the eventual deliverance of 5G will provide a mutually beneficial for AT&T and Arizona residents. “As the Phoenix community grows, we increasingly rely on faster speeds of connectivity to fuel businesses, complete schoolwork and stay connected to friends and family around the globe,” she states. “Everyone will benefit as 5G expands in the next few years. We expect 5G to ultimately deliver faster speeds than today’s average LTE connections.”

The expansion of 5G Evolution is crucial as businesses continue to develop, Broberg highlights. As small and large business continue to incorporate technology into their everyday business operations, network speed will play an increasingly important role. “It will also transform the way you work, play and enjoy entertainment,” she says. “New experiences like virtual reality, telemedicine, self-driving cars, robotics, smart cities and more are about to test networks like never before.”

With the introduction of 5G Evolution, AT&T will hire 240 people in their Mesa office. The company hosted a hiring event in Mesa on October 11th. Mesa Mayor John Giles expressed his excitement, “I commend AT&T for recognizing opportunities in Mesa and continuing to create jobs within our community. This investment is helping advance our vision for Mesa’s next chapter.”

AT&T’s introduction of 5G’s framework paves a smooth path for the fastest internet the world has ever seen. By doing so, the telecommunications leader is creating hundreds of jobs in the Valley. Their continued investment in Arizona proves to be a major benefit for job hunters, businesses, and citizens across the state.

Ben Norman

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