Greater Phoenix Chamber PAC endorses Doug Ducey for governor

The Greater Phoenix Chamber Political Action Committee (GPC PAC) is endorsing 55 candidates for the Arizona Legislature and 4 statewide candidates in the general election in November, including Governor Doug Ducey for reelection and Steve Gaynor for Secretary of State.

“Governor Ducey has shown true leadership on business issues since elected governor four years ago,” said Todd Sanders, president and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Chamber (GPC). “We applaud Governor Ducey for fostering Arizona’s economic growth through sound policy and strategic investments. With Governor Ducey’s influence and guidance, Arizona is once again leading the way on tough issues and is being shown in a positive light on the national stage.”

The GPC PAC closely evaluated the primary election results to determine which candidates’ platforms are most conducive to a robust economy, said PAC Chairman John Moody.

“These candidates understand the importance of maintaining a pro-business environment and support public policies that provide a strong foundation for Arizona businesses to prosper, grow and create new jobs,” Moody said.

The GPC PAC also endorsed Kimberly Yee (R) for Treasurer, Mark Brnovich (R) for Attorney General and Steve Gaynor (R) for Secretary of State.

State Senator Yee was elected in 2010 to serve Arizona’s 20th Legislative District. Her platform included strong economic growth, low taxes, limited government spending and freedom of choice in education and healthcare.

“Senator Yee has been one of Arizona’s most open lawmakers, listening to and helping implement the business community’s needs during her tenure in the Legislature,” Sanders said. “Senator Yee’s sharp intellect and common sense approach to governing will leave the state’s finances in great hands.”

Brnovich was elected Attorney General in 2014. During his tenure in office, he has targeted attorneys filing fraudulent or questionable disability lawsuits demanding huge settlements. Brnovich has expressed disdain for fraudulent charities preying on “Americans’ patriotism and their compassion for our veterans and military,” and the Attorney General’s office passed consumer protection legislation as a result, according to a press release.

Perhaps most notably, Brnovich announced in May that auto giant Volkswagen (VW) agreed to pay $40 million to the State of Arizona as part of a consumer fraud settlement over its diesel emissions scandal, directing $10.5 million to Arizona consumers who had purchased VW-made vehicles and $20 million to the state K-12 education budget.

“General Brnovich has proven to be a stalwart protector of the business community’s interests,” Sanders said. “General Brnovich was instrumental in protecting the business community from frivolous lawsuits filed by serial litigators in the name of disability compliance. Most impressive has been his focus on upholding Arizona’s laws without regard to politics.”

Gaynor is a graduate of Harvard Business School and has spent nearly forty years in the printing businesses. This is Gaynor’s first time seeking elected office.

“The Greater Phoenix Chamber is pleased to endorse Steve Gaynor as Secretary of State,” Sander said. “Mr. Gaynor has proved to be a business leader in Arizona and will bring that expertise with him to the Secretary of State’s Office.”

In August the GPC PAC endorsed Daniel Valenzuela, a nonpartisan city councilman, for mayor of Phoenix.

“While Phoenix voters are very fortunate to have several well-qualified candidates running for Mayor who would all likely serve the city well and move Phoenix forward, Daniel Valenzuela has a unique understanding and vision for the future of our city focusing on growth, innovation and fostering economic development and prosperity, making him the best choice for mayor,” Moody said.

The GPC supports candidates who align with the organization’s mission to generate economic prosperity, Sanders said.

“With a rigorous vetting process and endorsement standard, the Chamber’s PAC continues to support candidates that will be advocates for economic growth,” he said. “We are pleased to endorse these leaders.”

Graham Bosch

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