Scottsdale-based Brain State is putting things to bed

Scottsdale-based neurotech company Brain State Technologies just wants to put things to bed–people, namely. The company is in the business of sleep technology (yes, that’s a thing) with the goal of helping those with insomnia, or trouble falling or staying asleep, get to bed and only think of counting sheep.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put out a sobering report on the state of sleep in America among adults. The published findings detailed that about a third of adults surveyed weren’t getting enough sleep, leading to a loss of about $400 billion (billion, with a “B”) each year due to missing work over being too sleepy. Putting it in terms like that will wake anyone up. The growing body of research around sleep has put getting to bed on everyone’s mind and sparked a new-ish industry trend that’s been, for lack of a better term, resting for some time.

This is where Brain State Technologies comes into the picture. With more than 70 million Americans suffering from insomnia, the company was well-positioned to dip into the $28 billion sleep industry.

The company focuses on balancing stress in our brains through something called BrainEcho technology. It detects rhythms and plays them back to the sleep-deprived client in real-time. It uses engineered tones, which trigger the brain to naturally rebalance itself without other stimuli or medication. Balancing the brain out takes the stress away, which leads to better sleep.

“When the left and right sides of our brain are unbalanced, it’s difficult to control our reactions,” says Lee Gerdes, Founder and CEO of Cereset and Brain State Technologies. “Too much of one side creates a fight or flight response. Too much of the other side creates a numbing freeze response. It’s like the gas and brake on a car. Too much of either one will either leave you racing out of control or completely stuck. Cereset’s patented BrainEcho technology balances both sides naturally in just one to two weeks.”

Gerdes began studying brain technology after falling victim to a traumatic event that caused him to lose sleep for nearly a decade. Gerdes, who has a background in such areas as mathematics, psychology, and physics, says Cereset technology has helped more than 130,000 people across the globe sack out.

Cereset technology has been around at Brain State for more than a decade, helping people do away with sandman troubles. Yes, the professionals at Brain State stick sensors on your head. Yes, they tell you to lie back. Yes, it sounds like something out of a Ray Bradbury novel or Spielberg film. But it’s as safe as it can get. The U.S. Army is even using it to help soldiers fall asleep.

The company is expected to open more locations around Arizona and other states by the end of the year, with more coming in 2019. Besides the brain monitors, sessions for clients include brain frequency band measurement, a personalized plan, and a home unit so you can conk out on the regular.

Nick Esquer

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