City of Tempe will own and restore historic Hayden House

On August 30th, the Tempe City Council voted to approve a development agreement that will give the city the rights to the historic Hayden House. Under the agreement, the developer must restore the house at no additional cost to the city and provide $100,000 for maintenance.

The Hayden House – located on the corner of Rio Salado and Mill Avenues next to Tempe Town Lake – carries significant history, as it was the home of Charles Trumbull Hayden, the founder of Tempe. The 145-year old building was sold to Monti’s La Casa Vieja restaurant in 1954 but has been vacant since the restaurant closed three years ago.

Under the agreement, developer Hensel Phelps will rehabilitate the 2.5 acres of land to restore the historical aspects of the Hayden House. In fact, the building will feature restored adobe bricks that have been part of the building since its construction. Tempe Public Information Officer Kris Baxter-Ging notes that Adobe Technology will create these bricks with hand tools alone.

In addition to restoring the Hayden House, Phelps will also build nearly 260,000 square feet of commercial office space and 10,000 square feet of retail real estate. Indeed, these developments will likely bring both jobs and economic development to the City of Tempe.

Additionally, this project will assist public schools – as part of the agreement, the developer will donate $50,000 to both the Tempe Unified High School District and the Tempe Impact Education Foundation.

Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell expressed his excitement for the agreement, saying, “With this one project, the City of Tempe can preserve the historic Hayden House, create jobs and allow public access to the birthplace of our community. This is a momentous historic opportunity.”

This agreement will preserve one of the city’s most important historical sites, and create opportunities for economic and business development. The corner of Rio Salado and Mill Avenues is one of the most valuable real estate intersections according to the Urban Land Institute, so businesses will look to the area as construction begins.


Ben Norman

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