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Over the past 30 years, the significance of a digital presence has increased drastically. The world has seen the rapid evolution of the internet and the essential role it now plays in our daily lives. With the emergence of new digital communication platforms, companies see the need to create, brand, and strategize to reach audiences in ways never imagined on the world wide web.

Enter Lucid Agency, a Tempe-based company whose name means clear, easily understood, transparent. Founding partners of the digital marketing agency, Scott Kaufmann and Ken Bonham, saw a need for a digital marketing agency whose goal is to make clients feel comfortable with the information they receive from their analytics.

“We provide very simple explanations,” Kaufmann stated. “We’ll distill down the information that’s very understandable and palatable so that we can make informed decisions very easily. That actually led to the creation of the company constitution that is founded on honesty, ethics, and transparency and really everything that we do today is sort of created out of that idea of creating simplicity and ease and transparency to what we’re doing.”

Lucid offers a variety of digital services for their clients, such as web and app development, interactive marketing, social media, online public relations, and analytics.

Since the start of the organization, the development of the industry has been apparent. “I’ve seen the industry personally go through what I see as three different transitions,” Bonham said. “The first being companies saying, I don’t need digital marketing, or saying, what is digital marketing? Then it quickly transitioned to, how are you different than anyone else when everyone jumped onto the social media bandwagon and everyone claimed to do digital marketing? Fast forward a few years after that and then it turned into, please help because companies realized how important digital was.”

Both founders went to ASU, which made Tempe an obvious choice to house the company, but the talent pool and rapid growth of the tech industry has made it an easy choice to continue to grow in the state. Carley Kintz, senior vice president of strategy and operations, said, “Driving to work, I see Amazon, and I see Zip Recruiter, and I see Zenefits and all these kind of tech companies who are trailblazers. Being right down the street from those types of companies who are kind of leading with innovation and outside of the box thinking it’s a good reminder that there’s no silver bullet anymore.”

Ranked as one of the “2018® Top Companies to Work for in Arizona,”, Lucid has an open space office, allowing easy team collaboration and brainstorming, as well as an area to take a break with games such as ping pong and cornhole.

Beyond treating their employees well, the digital marketing agency believes it is important to give back to the community. This includes holding different types of charity drives, as well as offering pro bono work. Christine Lovstrom, communications director at Lucid Agency discussed one of their bigger charity projects,“We gave away $50,000 in digital marketing services to a local nonprofit and that’s a project we’re still continuing to work on. It’s been really awesome to the team as well as our nonprofit.”

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