Universal Laser Systems expands portfolio with new partnerships

Arizona continues to evolve into a choice destination for tech-minded entrepreneurs, and thinkers, and doers looking to bring their work to life. As Arizona’s welcoming business climate and  booming economy continue to play host as dreamland for growing industries. One Valley-based company is literally laser-cutting its way to greater success.

Universal Laser Systems (ULS), a laser technology company located in Scottsdale, just made a quiet, yet impactful announcement of a major league partnership with three established materials companies, and the future just got a lot brighter for the manufacturer.

The global manufacturer of laser material processing solutions just announced its addition of three major brands including 3M™, Victrex® and Dexmet, expanding its foothold as a major player in the niche, but burgeoning industry of laser processing of materials.

The three newly-partnered companies, well-known for their own materials and services, were specifically added to ULS’s database for laser processing. “The 3M, Victrex and Dexmet materials new to the ULS materials database were specifically added for laser processing with the ULTRA and XLS platforms, suited for high accuracy and precision laser cutting, laser ablation and laser surface modification,” stated Universal in a press release.

What Does This All Mean?

Let’s break down what all this means:

  • High accuracy and precision laser cutting refers to laser cutting and thermal cutting for panels and bodies made from an array of materials. With high accuracy and precision, laser operations can even produce hard to cut 3D geometries and contours.
  • Laser ablation refers to the process in which layers are removed from solid metals using laser beams by being exposed to radiation.
  • Laser surface modification refers to the modification of shape or appearance of a material through laser energy. Plastics, metals, ceramics and composites can all be used and altered by this process. Or in other words, basically everything we use on a daily basis.

Universal Laser Systems uses the application of modern CO2 (gas laser) and fiber laser technology to produce specialized materials. From automotive projects to finding opportunities to produce medical industry materials, ULS has touched most major industries with its innovative technology.

With the advent of 3D printing, laser tech companies like Universal have a growing interest in partnerships, like with 3M, which is mostly known for making office supplies, but also boasts an expansive materials catalogue. Universal will be developing sealing tape and silicone interface pads (which transfer heat from hot surfaces to cool surfaces) for 3M, as well as expanded aluminum for Dexmet and Victrex film materials, which are used in consumer products like electronic materials.

With the consistent rise in consumer electronics development comes the opportunity for companies like Universal Laser to develop its technology and perfect what it’s already getting right. The consumer electronics industry is expected to drive the growth in the industrial lasers market and innovative options like fiber lasers are seeing their time to shine.

Nick Esquer

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