Arizona Commerce Authority launches state asset map

The Arizona Commerce Authority recently created an interactive map that displays assets in the state, including landmarks, county profiles, legislative districts, libraries, hospitals, and more.

Governor Doug Ducey stated in a press release, “The Arizona Assets Map makes it even easier for people from all over the state and country to see why Arizona is one of the best states to live, work and recreate in. This map will be a critical tool for business and community leaders and will also be useful for new Arizona residents looking to learn more about the communities they’ve chosen to call home.”

The Arizona Assets Map will help businesses determine expansion and growth paths. The map highlights rural and urban spaces that are open for development, which can help businesses know where they could move. For example, it gives clusters of offices in specific locations, outlining the square footage of various office spaces and buildings – this is connected to APS’s Arizona Prospector map, which provides even more in-depth information.

Moreover, the map gives economic and demographic information about various communities. Users of the map can view the population, the property and sales taxes, the labor force, the amount of people with a Bachelor’s degree or higher, and more. If one wanted a more in-depth breakdown, they can even download a PDF version of the community and county profiles. With more demographic information about different communities, businesses can analyze whether or not a move to that area would be advantageous.

Additionally, the map provides resources for startups. Entrepreneurs can get locations of coworking spaces, university resources, incubators, accelerators, industry resources, and more. This can save time for business owners as they seek out these assets for their growing companies.

Plus, it helps visitors better understand the lay of the land. By providing information about landmarks, arts and cultural centers, and state parks, tourists can more easily navigate the state. As tourism continues to ramp up with events like the Super Bowl and the Final Four, this will certainly prove to be a useful asset for travelers.

Sandra Watson, President and CEO of the ACA, explains, “Arizona has so much to offer, and the ACA’s goal in creating this comprehensive map is to promote our state’s many assets in one easily searchable location. We’re excited to launch with 27 categories, and plan to continually update and enhance the map with new content.”

The Arizona Assets Map provides something useful for everyone – businesses, local citizens, and out-of-state travelers. This will likely pave the way for many other states to create similar resources.

Ben Norman

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