CLEAR provides faster flight check-in for passengers at Sky Harbor

If you’re ready to bypass annoying airport lines, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport now has an option for you.

With a fingerprint and iris scan, CLEAR members can skip ID checkpoints. Membership costs just $15 per month and is free for children younger than 18 years old.

In just eight years, the New York-based startup has acquired 2.2 million members across the nation. Sky Harbor joins 24 other U.S. airports and 13 Major League Baseball ballparks to feature the technology. As the company grows, they plan on moving into more stadiums – including the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Chase Field – and airports around the nation.

To sign up, passengers simply visit one of the CLEAR kiosks in Sky Harbor airport, scan two fingers and their eyes, and jump straight to the baggage check. The entire sign-up process takes roughly five minutes and can save busy travelers hours.

Jackie Puma, general manager at CLEAR, explains that passengers can save up to 35 minutes of time per flight by using their technology. The ability to skip the first security checkpoint benefits all passengers with busy schedules; in fact, they highlight business travelers as a group that will especially reap the benefits of CLEAR.

“We are targeting all demographics, from leisure travelers that are going on vacation to families who are hauling kids with them, as well as business travelers who travel every week,” Puma said.

Time not in line can give businesspeople more time to work, or even some leisure time for relaxation. Plus, when combining CLEAR with TSA Pre-Check, fliers can save even more time, as the baggage check process becomes shorter.

In addition to the ID check, CLEAR partnered with Alaska Airlines in 2015 to test a biometric boarding pass. The trial is ongoing, and it allows passengers to scan their fingerprint and irises in lieu of printing/downloading and scanning their plane ticket. Ticketing hassle is somewhat mitigated with downloadable e-tickets, yet this new method could create even more convenience for busy flyers.

CLEAR also can improve passenger safety. Puma pointed out that CLEAR uses LexisNexis background checks – the same as TSA Pre-Check – to ensure the safety of all passengers.

“It’s an honor to partner with Phoenix Sky Harbor as the city’s leadership clearly understands the value of improving the airport experience for their flyers,” said CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman Becker. “We are thrilled to be able to help travelers get to where they need to be in a more consistent, fast and frictionless way.”

Ben Norman

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