CBN EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Israel’s ambassador to Mexico

The trilateral relationship between the United States, Mexico and Canada is present in our everyday lives ranging from scientific research to economic development, international trade to tourism. In addition to the North American alliance, the nation of Israel is increasing ties with both Mexico and the United State, specifically Arizona.

Earlier this month, the Israeli Ambassador to Mexico, Jonathan Peled, attended the Arizona-Mexico Commission Annual Summit in Tucson to discuss the how Israel can further cooperation with Arizona and Mexico. One prime example cited by Peled is the existing academic and research partnerships with the University Arizona, Ben-Gurion University and the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

“Cooperation in the areas of space and space technology is an interesting proposition which the University of Arizona has offered Sonora and Israel would like to see whether it can take part in that initiative,” said Peled. “Of course, cyber-security, water and agro-technologies are things that have already been in the making recently.”

Israel and Mexico have a thriving economic relationship which focuses on investment of Israeli technology combined with Mexican talent and manufacturing power. Mexico’s large market and close proximately to the United States is also a key component of the partnership. Both nations work collaboratively in the areas of pharma, alternative energy, homeland security and they are looking to expand into aerospace as well.

Peled was appointed Israeli Ambassador to Mexico in 2015. Prior, he served as the Director of Economic Department for North America, Latin America, and Africa foreign ministry and was also the Israeli Ambassador to El Salvador.

Lorna Romero

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