Phoenix Children’s Hospital unveils new, state-of-the-art NICU

Phoenix Children’s Hospital has taken a significant step forward in neonatal care with the unveiling of a brand-new, 44,000-square-foot neonatal intensive care unit. The NICU will be Arizona’s only Level IV facility dedicated to providing the highest level of care for newborns. 

“The severity of the children being treated in the NICU has risen dramatically which has led to the necessity of a new physical plant, as well as more beds and more rooms,” Phoenix Children’s Hospital President and CEO Bob Meyer said.

Meyer highlighted the ongoing population growth in the community, which Phoenix Children’s closely monitors to ensure it’s keeping pace with increasing demands. 

“The key to our strategy is growing organically by building our own facilities and standardizing protocols across all areas to keep the quality and expectations,” Meyer said, adding that “the depth and breadth of our medical staff, consisting of about 700 employed pediatric specialists, is the backbone of what delivers the care, and its consistency across all of our facilities.”

The $26 million cost to build the NICU was funded by a variety of sources, including philanthropic contributions from the community. Phoenix Children’s has seen significant growth and expansion throughout the years making it a leader in pediatric care.

The new NICU is designed with features to provide the highest level of care and comfort for both patients and their families. Each of the 48 private rooms has a private bathroom, ensuring a comfortable stay. The facility also incorporates advanced sound suppression technology to create a peaceful environment for the newborns.

Many families have to travel from different parts of Arizona, which underscores the importance of allowing them to remain close to their infants.

“The facility gives us resources at the bedside for families to stay, especially when they travel from someplace else,” Dr. Gregory Martin said. 

In addition to the advanced medical care, the NICU offers programs to support family bonding and infant development. One feature is the therapy room, where families can work on their child’s developmental skills under the guidance of specialized therapists.

“Nothing is as ideal as giving a kid a chance at life, and this space will provide that,” Martin said.

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