What to know about upcoming SRP elections

It’s an election year, with the Presidential Preference Primary this week, the party primaries in July, and the general election in November.

But less discussed are the SRP Association and District elections.

Here’s a brief explainer of how the elections work.

When’s the election?

The officials of each organization are elected on the first Tuesday in April of even-numbered years, which this year is April 2.

Who can vote?

To vote you must own eligible property within certain zones. You must also be at least 18 years old. Here is a map of the zoning. 

What is the Association? What is the District?

The SRP is made up of two organizations — the Salt River Valley Water Users’ Association and the Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District. 

This Association is a private company formed in 1903. The District is a political subdivision of the state of Arizona. It is focused on agricultural improvement and was created in 1937. 

The Association supplies almost 1 million acre-feet of water to a service area spanning 240,000 acres in metropolitan Phoenix. A vast water delivery network, consisting of 1,265 miles of canals, laterals, and smaller channels, is fed by the reservoir system. This network facilitates the distribution of water to urban and agricultural users, encompassing cities, towns, and urban irrigators.

Being a political subdivision of the state, the District has the authority to issue tax-exempt municipal bonds. This action effectively lowers interest expenses, resulting in substantial savings for SRP electric and water consumers, amounting to millions of dollars.

How do you cast a ballot?

By mail or by casting a ballot at an SRP Voting Center.

To request a ballot, call (602) 236-3048. Requests for early ballots will be taken until March 22. Mailed ballots must be returned by Apr. 2. 

The Voting Center at 1500 N. Mill Avenue in Tempe, Arizona, 85288, will operate from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Election Day. 

Additionally, individuals who have not returned their early mail ballots earlier can deliver them to the SRP Voting Center or either of the two off-site ballot drop-off locations. These drop-off locations will be open exclusively on Election Day from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 

The two off-site drop-off sites are 

  • SRP West Valley Service Center, located at 221 N. 79th Avenue, Tolleson, Arizona, 85353 
  • SRP Southside Water Service Center at 3160 S. Alma School Road, Mesa, Arizona, 85210

How long does a term last?

The terms last four years for all positions. However, voting is staggered, with only half of the offices being available each voting cycle. 

Once elected, what are members’ responsibilities?

President and Vice President 

The president of each organization holds the highest position and oversees all other officers in carrying out their responsibilities, as well as managing the affairs of the organization. Additionally, the president chairs all meetings of the respective board and serves as an ex officio member of that board. In the absence of the president, the vice president assumes their duties and responsibilities. Together, they act as the daily representatives of the boards in managing SRP.


The boards set forth distinct policies and oversee the operations of their respective organizations. The Association adheres to its Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, while the District operates in compliance with Arizona statutes and its own By-Laws. 

Both organizations also abide by Federal Reclamation Law and relevant legislation. For instance, the District board establishes power prices, approves fuel contracts, and authorizes significant equipment purchases. Additionally, both boards have the authority to approve water rates.


While the boards establish particular policies governing SRP’s management, the councils enact and adopt by-laws, ensuring their enforcement for the governance, business management, and conduct of affairs within each organization. They also address vacancies occurring within the boards and councils, and determine compensation for board and council members. Furthermore, the District Council has the authority to approve revenue bonds issued by the District.

Who’s running?

There are many candidates running for both the District and the Association. 

Those running for the Association’s board are Larry Rovey, Mario Herrera, Andrea Moreno, Lauren Kuby, Stephen Williams, Nick Brown, Keith Woods, Robert Arnett, and Anna Morr-Almeida. 

Candidates running for the Association’s council are Tyler Francis, Ron Kolb, Clifford Leatherwood, Aaron Herrera, Richard Swier, Paul Van Hofwegen, John Augustine, Ashley Hodge, John Lines, Roberta Miller, John Penry, John Shelton, Eric Gorsegner, Mark Lewis, Barry Paceley, Colleen Resch-Geretti, Harmen Tjaarda Jr., Allen Freeman, Mark Freeman, Shelly Gordon, Adam Hatley, Ericka Varela, and Ryan Winkle.

Those running for the District’s board are Kevin Johnson, Mario Herrera, Andrea Moreno, Lauren Kuby, Stephen Williams, Nick Brown, Keith Woods, Robert Arnett, Anna Mohr-Almeida, Lisa Atkins, Casey Clowes, Anda McAfee, Victor Flores, and Sandra Kennedy.

Candidates running for the District’s council are the same as those running for the Association’s council.

Do you have to register with the SRP to vote in the elections? 

No, the SRP Corporate Secretary keeps track of real property ownership within the District and Association boundaries, as recorded by the Maricopa County Recorder. This includes the allocation of votes or fractional votes to each owner. However, it’s important to note that District voters must be registered within the State of Arizona to participate in voting.

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