Summer Policy Summit to explore regulatory regime’s effect on industry, economy

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Arizona Manufacturers Council this week are hosting their Summer Policy Summit in Prescott. 

The two-day event on Thursday and Friday will feature panelists and presentations focused on the impact of environmental regulations and public policy, as well as best practices in sustainability. Speakers and attendees include manufacturers, business leaders, and government officials. 

The Manufacturers Council traditionally hosted an Environmental and Sustainability Summit each summer, but this year is teaming with the Chamber to expand the issues to be explored while maintaining its usual focus on environmental policy issues. 

“There are so many ways environmental regulations affect industry in Arizona and our broader economy,” AMC Executive Director Grace Appelbe said. “We thought it was time to widen the lens on our conversations and, hopefully, explore new issues and encourage the input of more voices.” 

Discussions on Thursday will examine Arizona’s position in the semiconductor industry ecosystem and explore what the future of the state’s mining industry and the utility sector will look like. Attendees will also hear from state agency leaders from the Department of Water Resources, the Department of Environmental Quality, the Land Department, and from the Governor’s Office of Resiliency. 

On Friday, there will be a panel on workforce development, as well as discussions on water stewardship and air quality regulations. 

“The business community is committed to being a good faith partner to ensure our region has clean air,” Appelbe said. “But we’re concerned that federal regulations are so rigid and unrealistic that they will constrain our economic growth and jeopardize jobs. This discussion at the conference with leading experts in air quality regulations is timely and necessary.” 

Chamber President and CEO Danny Seiden last month testified before a joint state House-Senate legislative panel on the implications of the greater Phoenix area likely being designated by the federal government as a “serious nonattainment” area, a more stringent designation than the region’s current “moderate designation.”

Seiden told lawmakers that the serious nonattainment designation will result in new regulations on all types of businesses, not just large industrial employers like manufacturers, and the burden will be borne not only by existing businesses but will also be a drag on future economic development. 

The Summer Policy Summit is sponsored by APS, Business for Water Stewardship, Intel, and SRP. 

The event will take place at the Prescott Resort and Conference Center. More information on the event and agenda available here.

Craig Ruiz

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